Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Colors of Fall

This weekend, Nathan and I were able to get out and enjoy some fresh fall weather.  On our way to Six Flags on Saturday we saw some beautiful fall foliage, so we stopped to take a few photos.  We also went out on Sunday after church to snap a few more.  We aren't expected to see the peak of the foliage until later next week, so we were excited to catch the colors in their beginning stages . . . 


  1. How pretty! I love the first hints of Fall.

  2. Awesome pics, Rach!!! Thanks for sharing some of beautiful upstate New York with us Southern Belles where it is still almost 90 degrees!!!!

    Love and Miss you Yankee Doodle :)

  3. Wow. Those pics are seriously beautiful. The color change down here in the south is not even half as beautiful. Jealous!

  4. just beautiful -- I love fall colors!!

  5. Great pictures! We are slowly starting to see the colors. At our house only the tops of the trees are changing so far!


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