Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Big 2-5

Last Thursday, I turned a quarter of a century old. (yikes!)  Thank you to everyone who wrote, e-mailed, sent a card or called.  I had the best day!  

Thursday morning I was greeted by one of my co-workers with Chocolate Truffles and a Giada Cookbook.  I knew then it would be a good day.  I can't wait to make some of the delicious recipes, and as for those truffles . . . . well, they're almost gone.

Thursday night after work, Nathan and my parents took me to one of my favorite little Mexican restaurants.  I pigged out on a huge shrimp quesadilla and tons of chips and salsa. 

We came home for ice cream cake . . . 

And then it was gift time! Nathan gave me this . . .

He knows I love carrying soup to work, and this should keep the soup warm for 12 hours.

He also got me some new gardening gloves and a new sprayer for our hose.  I tried not to look too droopy after opening his practical gifts, but I guess my face showed it (he told me later he could tell I was a little disappointed).  But the little stinker had something up his sleeve!  Right before we chowed down on ice cream cake, he said, "Oh, wait . . . I have one more gift for you that I forgot about!"  

And he rolled out with this . . . 

I was so excited I could hardly stand it!  My old bike was on its last leg, and we had been bike shopping, and I immediately fell in love with this one.  It's size is perfect, too--it's a bit shorter than a typical mountain bike, and it's made for height challenged individuals like myself.  I had no idea Nathan would get it for my birthday, and it came at the perfect time!  Hopefully we'll be able to ride a couple of more times before winter.  

We were able to go out Saturday and enjoy a short ride . . . 

I also opened up my gifts from my parents.  My mom and dad got me a new pink pea coat! It's definitely me, and I've already gotten a lot of use out of it.  They also got me some heavy-duty baking pans!  I've already used these once since I opened them, and I love them! My old baking pans got ruined when I put them in the dishwasher (note to self: don't ever do that again).

Who knew turning 25 could be so much fun?!  I had a wonderful day with my family, and was so surprised by the great gifts.  

Oh, and since I had to work on Thursday, Nathan waited until Saturday to serve me breakfast in bed for my birthday.  He cooked up scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. :)  It was a perfect week!


  1. oh... how did I not know it was your birthday?!?! I'm so glad you had such a special day and that you enjoyed turing 25 :)

    Love the bike -- and the kitchen stuff too :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sorry that I missed it...I knew it was in October, I just didn't know the exact date:( I am glad that Nathan and your Mom and Dad treated you extra special for your big day!!!!

  3. How fun! Sounds like you had a great birthday! I'm jealous of the Giada cookbook and the truffles. =]

    Your bike looks awesome. And a pink pea coat sounds so cute. You'll have to post of picture of yourself in it!

    And how cool that Nathan's family lives in Huntsville. That's where we live! =] AND I went to college at UAB in Birmingham! =]

  4. Sounds like a great birthday, Rachel! Did you go to Selena's Mexican restaurant?

  5. rachel, happy birthday!!!! i'm throwin' confetti and dancing. okay i'm tired. lol.

    25? great age!

  6. @Chelsea--we actually went to South of the Border in Newark. It's quite a hike, and we only go there on special occasions, but the place has killer food!

  7. I am a little behind but I did remember your birthday on your birthday. You and my best friend, Jen, share your birthday. I am so sorry for being late leaving you a comment. But you know I love you - you are my favorite cousin! I love your birthday goodies!


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