Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: DIY Acorn Picture Frame

After my DIY Acorn Napkin Rings last week, I was feeling really ambitious and crafty, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens recent September issue.  They ran a two-page spread on easy fall decorations and the best part is . . .it costs little to nothing to make everything!  

So, I thought I'd try making their other really cute fall project this week: Acorn Picture Frames. 

Here's what the BHG version looked like in the magazine:

Is that not the most fun, fall picture frame you've ever seen?  The caption to the right says that you can hot glue acorn caps to spruce up a craft picture frame.  In this particular craft, they have the frame displaying a dried fall leaf and twig that have been attached to a piece of burlap using the hot glue.  

I got to work on making my very own acorn picture frame . . . 

The best part . . .


The frame was only $1.99 from my local Goodwill. :)

You'll want to go ahead and put whatever picture/items you'll be displaying in your frame in at this point.  This just prevents you from crushing any acorn caps after you  have it all glued.
I just made a little simple collage of dried leaves . . . feel free to get creative with yours.

Here are my bags of acorns and acorn caps that hubby and I picked up at a local park

Since I don't have a hot glue gun (gotta' get one of those!), I tried first using this stuff to make my caps stick to the frame. . . 
It was a no-go, and made one big gloppy mess.

Then I resorted to the manly glues . . . 
And that stuff in the green and gray bottle worked the best for me.  
It's called Loctite Super Glue. 
(*Be careful as to not get glue on your skin.  However, if you do, Nail Polish Remover works great to get rid of the glue callouses. Not that I would know or anything . . . )

So I started strategically placing my acorn caps all over the frame.  (*Note: the day I picked acorns, all that was on the ground were mega-sized acorns.  You can definitely use smaller ones for this, like the BHG magazine folks did above)

The finished project:

A closer view:

And here it is sittin' pretty with our other fall decor on our front entryway shelf:

Total project cost: $1.99
Be still my thrifty heart.


  1. I love this! I may have to do this. I have a cute fall photo of the girls and this would be cute in an acorn frame. Great idea!

  2. Love the picture frame. It only adds to your beautiful fall decor!

  3. Rachel, Great job!!! I am making this darling autumn frame. Your tutorial is great.
    Hugs to you and Nathan!
    xo Auntie Yvonne

  4. I have a question: did you have to clean the acorns? You know, in case there were insects inside them? I have a baggie full of acorns to use but not sure how to rid them of any larvae, etc.


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