Thursday, August 5, 2010

Itsy Bitsy House Projects

This summer a lot of our house projects are rather minor.  But, we all know those minor ones are HUGE when you finally get them done.  It’s that whole getting them done thing that takes so long sometimes. :)

This first one isn’t as much of a “project” as it is just an organizational thing we needed to do.  A while back when we first moved in and started painting our little ranch, hubby had a great suggestion for how to store our leftover paint.  If you’re anything like us, then you know how aggravating it is to paint a room, wash all the brushes clean, seal up the paint cans . . . and then later find a spot that needs a touch-up.  It’s just such a hassle to drag everything back out for one little mark, hole or scuff.

So . . . Nathan recommended we buy some mason jars, label them and store our paint in them and keep them nearby along with some throw-away sponge brushes for easy touch-up projects.  Last week, we went to Wal-Mart to do some shopping and that’s when we spotted an abundance of mason jars for super cheap (thank goodness for canning season!). 

 We swiped them up, and I came home and started filling them with our leftover paint.  Not only does this empty some of our paint cans, but it also makes it super easy for us to touch-up little marks around the house.  I just stored them right under the sink for now, along with some throw-away brushes.  I’m almost excited about the touch-up projects I need to get done now!

 This second one is also a credit to Nathan’s genius-ness.  When we first bought our house, our sink came with one of those fancy in-sink soap dispensers:

I never really wanted to use it until recently, and then we discovered that there wasn’t a bottle dispenser under the sink for the soap.  This must have been lost/thrown away when the previous owners installed it. 

So . . . Nathan went off to Lowe’s to purchase one but then realized they don’t sell them individually.  That’s when he got creative.  He purchased some PVC pipe and rigged up a fancy soap dispenser for me!  That’s true love right there folks.    
The view from below

Fancy schmancy soap dispenser 

It works!

 This last one really isn’t itsy bitsy, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.  In case you didn’t know, many houses in Upstate New York aren’t built with ceiling light fixtures.  This is crazy to me, but nonetheless, they just don't come standard.  For lighting, most homes here are built sort of like apartments—you need a standing lamp that plugs into an electrical outlet, which is powered by a light switch.  

Needless to say, our rooms are a bit darker than we’d prefer.  A while back, we scored a good deal on a light fixture and a ceiling fan and we planned to put them in the Master BR and the Living room.  Recently, my dad came over and helped Nathan tackle this electrical project, and I stood by with my lacerated cornea being completely useless, but oh so excited.

 It makes such a difference having this bright light in our bedroom now! (The ceiling fan is next—it’s going in the Living room.)

I have one more itsy bitsy house project to share, but it deserves its own post, so I’ll share that a little later. :)  Although these are small projects, and not noticeable to anyone visiting our home, these sure do make such a difference for us this summer.  A shout out to one super-handy husband and dad!



  1. Yeah for house projects!!

    Our house doesn't have overhead lights either in many of the rooms... :( I love the new lights. Maybe we'll have you come over and do ours too :)

  2. Way to go! Getting any items checked off the list is HUGE at my house. Sometimes it's harder to get those smaller projects (although those seemed way bigger than the small projects I have at my house) done...but what a good feeling. Loved the pictures.

  3. Way to go, good job! I'm new here and like your blog! Especially the chicken melts below! Yum!!!


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