Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Itsy Bitsy House Projects, Part 2

I shared a few days back about a few small projects we've been tackling around here.  Last but not least, the most annoying itsy bitsy house project we’ve been undertaking as of late is the hanging and re-hanging of curtains. 

Previously, on “Rachel’s re-decorating the Master Bedroom Again?!?!” I showed you that I had purchased some long green curtains for our Master BR.  They were a perfect color, but after we hung them we realized they were a tad bit short.  You see, we have outside-mounted blinds because our windows are too narrow to have inside-mounted ones.  So, this makes all of our curtains a wee bit shorter than I prefer.  They’re short enough to drive me bananas, but not short enough to drive Nathan bananas enough to re-hang them.  Ahhh, the joys of house projects.

This is the way they looked before--you'll notice up top they are above the outside-mount on the blinds

Too bad I don't have proof of how short they were.  But, take my word--they looked like high-water pants, and my skin crawled with each passing day.  I'm not the slightest bit dramatic, either.

I didn’t see any other solution for the curtains other than to leave them short, until . . . I saw an ad for blinds/curtains in a magazine I was reading and the person had the curtains hanging under the outside-mount.  It didn’t look half-bad either, and almost gave it a 3-D crown molding look (if there ever was such a thing!).  

That’s when I knew I had to talk Nathan into re-hanging all of our curtains.  I begged.  I pleaded.  I may or may not have done the pouty face.  And then, one day, while I was at work he so graciously and kindly re-hung them for me! :)   He’s got the patience of Job, I tell ya’—this is about the 5th time we’ve re-hung curtains and there are holes that I need to touch-up to prove it! 

Anyway.  He got them hung, and I couldn’t be happier!  Here’s the final result . . .

They sort of billow on the ground now, which I think looks pretty and flowy (spell check doesn't like "flowy" but it's a word, trust me :)

We also hung some airy white curtains in our Guest BR.  I swiped these up a while back at a yard sale for about $1/panel.  Nathan hung these under the outside-mount too, and I’m so pleased with their length!

Let’s just hope I don’t see any more ads on how to creatively hang curtains with outside-mounted blinds—Nathan might just take a house-project sabbatical. 


  1. love it! we're always changing things, right?!

  2. Beautiful job! Your house looks great!
    Sorry for the lack of comments - I have been slacking lately : )


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