Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Visit Recap - Part 2

I shared a few pictures the other day of our relaxing family visit we've had this past week.  However, I didn't share the nitty gritty work that's been going on behind the scenes at our casa this week as well.

Nathan's parents have been kind enough to help us tackle projects every time they come for a visit.  This visit was no different.  Our deck and front porch needed a good stripping, power washing and staining and they were so generous to use some of their vacation days to help us with this major project.  

I should note that the only work I did was the shopping at Lowe's, so this project's credit goes totally to Nathan, his dad and his mom.  They did a fantastic job, and our deck looks brand spankin' new!  I can't wait to enjoy it for a few more months of summer/fall.

Just because I love a good Before and After, here are the pics:


Back when we first moved in, this was our front porch

For some reason, this is the only picture of the back deck I have before the staining . . . you can see how worn it was.
(just ignore my squinty eyes)



The newly stained front porch . . . 

We were so glad to get this project checked off of our To-Do list, and even more glad to have our company help us tackle it!

We had a great family visit this past week, and now it's back to grinding mill for us!  This week, we're celebrating my Dad's 51st birthday and taking them camping next weekend.  It'll by my Mom's first time camping, so we're excited to show her the ropes! :)


  1. It was our pleasure to help out! Seeing that picture says, "I need a new hairdo!" HA

  2. awesome!! Love parents -- we are so blessed by them :)


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