Thursday, July 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Many of you that read this little blog know that for the past several years Nathan and I have had the pleasure of serving together in our church as youth directors.  I've blogged about our crazy lock-ins, our trips to Six Flags and the many wonderful children/youth we've had the blessing of ministering to.  Actually, I should say that they've ministered to us.  

After much praying, talking and listening, Nathan and I now feel that God is moving us on from our position in our church.  We have enjoyed serving during the past 4 years so much, but we both feel God calling us elsewhere.  Don't worry--we're not moving!  Upstate New York is still our home, but we feel our season at our church is ending and a new season beginning at another local church nearby.  Nathan and I will not be working with youth at our new church because we just feel God prompting us to be still for a while. (Us--be still?!?!  I know!  Ha!)

It has truly been a blessing for us to serve in our small congregation and to serve the children/youth of our church.  Many times these kids have made me laugh, cry, roll my eyes in frustration, and pour my heart out to God over them.  We've seen some of them saved, and some of them leave the church.  We've seen many of them grow.  We've heard their prayer requests for their lost family members.  And we've watched them turn into young men and women.  I think back and can't help but smile.  Some of the ones that are most faithful now are the ones I would have least expected to be.  

My prayer for each of them is that no matter where life takes them, that they will always hold tight to the truths we shared with them week after week from God's Word.  I pray they'll stand firm when temptation comes, and that their Bible's will become their most favorite book to read.  That prayer will become such a huge part of their lives, and that Jesus will become their best friend.  

As God moves us on, please keep us in your prayers.  It can be unsettling when you can't see what the future holds, but there's peace in knowing who holds the future.

I'll end with one of my favorite verses.  I found this right before I moved to Upstate New York to help in the missions church here, and I find consolation in it now as we close this door and open a new one.

" If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me." -- Psalm 139:9-10


  1. Every day you are in my prayers as I believe you both want to do God's will - He will continue to guide you. One of my favorite verses- Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5)

  2. Thinking & praying as you & Nathan embark on the fabulous future that awaits you.
    I know you have loved working with the kids of the church and I know you did an excellent job ( you are such a people person & so good with kids) but I know will be fantastic with any other duty too!

  3. Praying for you and Nathan. What a true testament of the kind of Christian we all should strive to be, to wait, be still, let God lead us, and know that in His infinite wisdom He has a plan for us :) I love you and best wishes!!!!


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