Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NYC (detailed) Recap

Earlier this week I promised a more detailed post about our trip to NYC.  Let's just say, it's hard to squeeze 4 jammed-packed days of touring one of the biggest city's into 1 small post.  So, this is 1 large post.  Forgive me in advance.

However, if you'd like to see our trip is fast-forward mode, Nathan did take the time to put together a little video of our trip.  So glad he did this!  I know we'll love looking back on our trip for years to come . . . 

We left for NYC on Wednesday via the Mega Bus (a super cheap way to get to NYC if you live in the East).  We arrived that evening around 11 PM, and hopped on the subway to Brooklyn.  We decided to stay outside of the busy city in a B&B, and it was one of the best decisions we made regarding the trip.  Dekoven Suites is the B&B we chose--it's located about 2 blocks from the subway station, and was only a 20-minute subway ride from Manhattan.  The owners were super-friendly, breakfast was delicious and our suite was roomy, clean and provided us a nice escape at the end of a long sightseeing day.  Here are a few pictures of our stay at Dekoven . . . 

Day 1: Thursday morning, we hit the ground running.  We started off by going to Times Square. 

We saw the Empire State Building . . . 

And this little guy just posed so perfectly for Nathan.  
He's about the cutest pigeon I've ever seen.

Then we went to Toys R' Us . . . 

Where we saw a huge Statue of Liberty built entirely of LEGO bricks.  
12,200 LEGO bricks, to be exact. 

We also visited the 3-story Times Square Walgreen's.  Nathan was pretty flabbergasted.  This Walgreen's is where they drop the ball on New Year's Eve!  
We then went and saw the Hopes & Dreams wall.  
This is the wall that holds the "wishes" from New Year's Eve.  

Hubby and I thought this one was neat . . . 

Right across from the wall, sits the actual ball that drops on New Year's Eve.  
Look how pretty and shiny it is!

We saw the M&M store . . . 

And the Hershey's store . . .

And the studio where David Letterman is filmed . . .

And then we trotted over to Central Park.

I wish every city had a Central Park.  It's one of my most favorite spots in all of NYC.  Little tidbit of useless information--the designer of Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted--designed our big park in Rochester, too.  It's called Highland Park, and I go there during lunches.  He designed a lot of others too, so I highly recommend checking to see if there's an Olmsted park near you and visiting it. :) 

After visiting Central Park, we headed over to Grand Central Station.  Although there's not a whole lot to do here, it's just an amazing station to see.

 Day 2: Friday morning, we headed into the Financial District of NYC. 

We saw Federal Hall--where George Washington was inaugurated . . . 

We also saw the NY Public Library.  
Inside the library there is some amazing architecture, but the library also holds . . . 

The original stuffed animals that inspired Alan Milne to write Winnie the Pooh . . . 

An original Gutenberg Bible . . .

And Thomas Jefferson's personal draft of the Declaration of Independence (which we couldn't get a picture of because of the Library's rules).

We also walked around the corner and saw the memorial where the Twin Towers were . . . 

And we had a slice of NY style pizza . . . 

For the afternoon, we took a (long) stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge.  
Such a beautiful bridge, with lots of great views!

That little thing in the distance is the Statue of Liberty . . . 

Later that evening, we went back to Brooklyn and got fancied up.  We went out to Alma--a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn that has rooftop seating and a magnificent view!

The food was delicious too . . . 

Day 3: Saturday morning, we took the subway into Greenwich Village for a food tasting and cultural tour.  It started at 11 AM and lasted until 3 PM.  8 stops, with food at each one--can you say stuffed?!  We had everything from sheep cheese to rice balls, and some of the best cannoli I've ever eaten in my entire life.

Here's a few highlights from the tour . . . 

We started at Famous Joe's Pizza with an authentic and delicious slice of pie.  Famous Joe's was featured in the film Spiderman and plenty of celebs have stopped by for their slice.

  Including Jack Bauer . . . if Jack says it's good, it's good!

We followed that by heading to Faicco's for Rice Balls.  They were delicious.

Some of the other foods were a warm cauliflower slaw from Palma . . . the cutest, quaintest Italian restaurant.  Risotto from some place that I can't for the life of me remember the name of,  chocolate chip cookies from Milk & Cookies, cheese from Murray's Cheese Shop (can you believe Nathan tried sheep cheese and liked it?!?), and last but not least, cannoli from Rocco's.

We also saw some great cultural sites, as Greenwich Village was once home to many artists, poets and literary legends.

This is the former house of Washington Irving, Jr. 
(the son of the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) . . .  

Edna St. Vincent Millay also lived in Greenwich Village, 
and opened the Cherry Lane Theatre . . .

And this skinny little house was one Nathan and I were extremely fascinated by.  
It's only 9 feet wide by 33 feet deep, and just sold for $3 million!  Insane.

 We also passed by the apartment made famous by the sitcom Friends.  
This is just the outer shot they show of Monica and Rachel's NYC apartment.

After our day in Greenwich, Nathan was dying to do some thrifty shopping in Chinatown.  
So, to Chinatown we went!

We saw Little Italy too . . . 

And then headed back into Times Square that evening for dinner, a movie and more strolling.  

Day 4: Sunday morning, we packed our bags and headed to the bus station.  We were pooped, but we had an amazing time in NYC!  It was definitely a memorable and romantic way to spend our 1-year anniversary.


  1. Wow! Ya'll packed a lot into a few days! And I love all the eating - my favorite. Thanks so much for posting- I look forward to them.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I've never really desired a trip to NYC, but your post made it look like a fun place to visit!

  3. Cool! It looks like it was so much fun!! I love all the pics and congrats on the anniversary!


  4. what a fun trip!! Thanks for the highlights -- I agree with Sonya... now I'm interested in going someday :)

  5. I love the video - you dancing & sleeping : )
    Great pictures & wow, you visited so many places! Looks like you all had a great time!


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