Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Harvest #2

I haven't done a gardening update in a while and that's because our little garden is becoming quite the pain in my neck.  My broccoli bolted . . . or went to bolt . . . or whatever gardeners say when the veggies start growing flowers.  But, in my defense, I actually meant for it to bolt.  It was never healthy-looking to begin with, and the heads of the broccoli were never green--just a light orangish color (weird, I know).  I wasn't going to eat orange broccoli, so I had resolved to let it bolt and never, ever try to plant broccoli again.  That is until the fall.  I might give it one last try.  

What can I say?  I'm a determined first-timer.

You have to understand my excitement when I went out to the garden the other day and harvested a few potatoes, all of our onions and a few tiny carrots.  The carrots probably should have stayed in the ground, but I'm also an impatient first-timer.

The rest of the potatoes will be ready to come up in a few weeks, and with all this heat we've been having around these parts, I'm expecting squash soon too!


  1. I am so impressed! I'm sure it will taste better than anything you could buy at the store. All your hard work is paying off!

  2. Proud of ya Rach! Good job! Popaw will be proud :)

  3. That is so cool! Betcha you feel proud!


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