Monday, June 7, 2010

Re-Decorating & June 7 Menu Plan

This weekend, hubby spent a lot of time working so I took full advantage of some quality "me" time.  My "me" time usually includes re-decorating some room, nook or cranny in our house with hubby coming home at the end of the day saying, "Where'd you move the (fill in the blank)?" or "Something looks different."

The thing I love most about re-decorating is making an area in our home look semi-different with just a little switcheroo or some low cost items from the thrift shop or yard sale.

This weekend's re-decorating took place in our dining room.  Our china hutch (that we scored for a cheap deal off of Craigslist) has been beckoning me to give it a little umph.

To give you an idea of what it used to look like, here's the Before . . .

But, since our dining room and kitchen area has morphed into a semi-country/Italian theme (a.k.a. a little bit of Alabama mixed with some New York), I decided the plain Jane hutch needed to represent that as well.

Enter country/Italian themed hutch . . . (FYI--our room isn't crooked, I just can't take a picture correctly. :)

I re-decorated this puppy by spending all of $.75 on those nice flowery white bowls you see on the shelves.  I scored them this weekend at a yard sale for $.25/each.  The other things are items that I already owned that I pulled in from other rooms and closets in the house.  I just love a cheap re-decorating project!

Here's a close-up of some of the things that are now on our hutch:

I saved these empty olive oil and garlic bottles that I knew I would re-use once I got my country/Italian theme up-and-running.

These tan bowls next to the olive oil I picked up at the Goodwill not too long ago for a few bucks.  We needed some extra bowls, and they look pretty on our little hutch.

I added a little Italian flare by filling one of our fancy glasses with bowtie pasta.  

I filled my trifle bowl with some filler that I've had for a while now.

And I put a salad spoon and fork in a great crystal vase we got from our wedding.

And I displayed an Italian-style mini plate that I picked up at Pier 1 a while back that I hadn't found a use for yet.

And on top of our hutch, I added those 2 great big candlesticks that I won during mine and Nathan's yard sale competition a while back.

Here's a close-up of the white bowls I scored for $.25--they were just too pretty to pass up!

Oh, and this great colored pitcher is one I picked up at Michaels a while ago for like 75% off--it was ridiculously cheap and I just knew it would fit somewhere in our house.  Glad I swiped it up then!

I'm really pleased with the outcome, and it makes our little dining area look so much more bright and fun without all that crystal and white.  

This week's menu is a little short because it's a busy week around here at the Atwood casa.  We're still excited to try some yummy new recipes though, and I've adapted our menu to make it as easy (and yet still semi-healthy) as possible.

Monday: Ham and Cheese Sliders.  My mom used to make these growing up, and when I saw the recipe recently on The Girl Who Ate Everything, it was so nostalgic that I just knew I wanted to make them soon. 

Tuesday: Grilled Blackened Chicken Salad. We've got lots of fresh romaine still in our garden, so we're trying to eat it all up before it goes bitter!

Wednesday: My work is hosting its largest fundraiser of the year, and I've been heavily involved in the planning.  Hubby will be joining me for the event, so Wednesday we'll be eating there.

Thursday: Out with friends

Friday: Stuffed Pizza Rolls

Saturday: Broccoli Cheese and Rice Casserole (I'm messing with this recipe a little and adding in some chicken . . . we'll see how it goes!)

For more menu ideas, don't forget to head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday!  Tons of new menus are posted each week.

Blessings for you this Monday!


  1. Love your redecorating skills. I have been busy redecorating around here a lot too. I love changing things up a big.

  2. Love the decor and your menu sounds delish!

  3. love the new decorating!! want to come help me decorate in the fall?!?! :)

    ham and cheese sliders sound like a great summer treat. Enjoy the week!

  4. Love it- especially the 25 cent bowls - it looks even better when you got it at such a great price!


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