Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's All in the Details, Part 3

For the past few weeks, I've been taking you back 1 year ago to the day when Nathan and I tied the knot.  We're getting ready to celebrate our 1-year anniversary and in light of that, I'm doing some special posts on our wedding and what we've learned throughout our first year of marriage.  If you missed the first couple of posts, click here and here.

Today I'm wrapping up the last of the wedding details, and it's all about one of my favorite topics -- food!  Prepare to salivate.  

Our caterer was a dear friend of my Granny's (who I think it the best cook.  ever.), so I knew I couldn't go wrong!

Down south, it's not as customary as it is up here in the great North to have a full-blown sit-down dinner at the wedding reception.  So, we went with more finger-foody summer type dishes since it was about 90+ degrees and people were eating outside.

Our caterer had the idea of creating a fruit tree.  I thought this was so cute, and perfect for summer.

We served Chicken Salad on homemade croissants 

And some other kind of roll-up sandwich.  I can't remember what was in this.
  Isn't funny how you forget these details??

Lots of fresh veggies

And our yummy cake!

Side story on the cake . . . Nathan doesn't really care for cake.  But, his favorite is plain white with white frosting.  So our bottom layer was his favorite, the middle layer was my favorite (Hummingbird Cake--a true Southern Favorite!), and the top layer was my dad's favorite--Red Velvet.  It was just another one of those small details that no one noticed, but I wanted my two favorite men to be included :)  That top layer sits in my mom's freezer waiting for us to chomp down on it in a few weeks!

Our cake topper was another fun details.
It's a little groom looking confused as he stares at a sign that reads "Still Shopping" with a little kiss from the bride.  Sooo me! :)

Since Nathan isn't a cake fan, we just decided to please our chocolate loving guests with this chocolate cake with chocolate frosting at his groom table.

Here's a shot of all the food

We also decided instead of giving every guest a favor, that we'd set up a candy buffet and folks could just have at it!  This was a huge hit.

Stay tuned for our next anniversary celebration post--Nathan is guest posting! :)


  1. Again, I remember it just like yesterday - you had a beautiful wedding & reception!
    Love that picture of Granny!

  2. It was all beautiful (and yummy!!!) I can't believe it's been a year. So many good memories.

  3. Delicious!! now... here's my lack of Southern knowledge -- what is a hummingbird cake?


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