Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Save $210.50

I mentioned earlier this week that Nathan and I spent most of Saturday hitting up about 50+ yard sales.  I know this sounds like a lot of yard sales, but we actually only hit up about 2 neighborhood sales--these are my favorite!  There were over hundreds of yard sales because nearly every home in each neighborhood had stuff out, but we didn't have time to hit up each one so we did the best we could.

It always is such a pure delight (to us) to get our yard sale finds home, look them up on the Internet and see how much we saved.  Dorky, I know, but it gives us this nice fuzzy feeling inside.  To give you the breakdown, this past weekend, we got over $244 worth of loot for only $33.50!

Here are some of the major finds . . . 

Our paper shredder recently kicked the bucket, and we found this little guy at a yard sale for only $2!  We got home and looked it up online and it was $21.

We've been looking everywhere for a small radio/CD player for our bedroom.  We scored this one for $5, and got home and it was $80 online!  This was definitely the find of the day, because I've been really, really wanting one of these. :)

We've also been looking everywhere for a nice-sized "manly" area rug for Nathan's office.  We found this one for $10 and then got home and looked them up online.  We never found the exact one, but this brand ran about $65-$150 on  The exciting thing is, it matches perfectly with some drapes I picked up at Big Lots to go in Nathan's office (I just haven't hung them yet . .  .)

And last but not least, we had planned to buy some nice landscaping bricks to accompany our newly-renovated front bed.  However, they were a bit pricey so we decided to wait on them.  Then, we stumbled across a house Saturday that was selling landscaping bricks for $.10/each!  The man had 160 left and we bought all of them for $16!

Some other small items we swooped up were:
  • A radio shack antenna for our TV (we paid $.50 and we looked it up online and it was $35!)
  • A boom box for our workout room (we paid $4 and it was online for $19)
  • A WWII Veterans flag for Nathan's office (we paid $5, and we never could find how much they were online.  Nathan said you have to special order these, so I'm assuming it would be way more than $5)
The cool thing about all of this is, everything we bought was stuff we have been looking for, but just weren't going to pay full price for.  It just goes to show, that a little patience + taking the time to search for the deals = a BIG pay off in the end!


  1. awesome finds!! Love the radio for your bedroom -- looks so nice in there :)

  2. Awesome finds! I need to shop around at garage sales.

  3. Way to go - thanks for posting! I love a good deal even if I'm not the one getting it HA


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