Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1-Year Anniversary Recap

Well, we're back to real life here at the Atwood casa.  But, what a great weekend we had!!  Thank you to everyone who left us a Happy Anniversary comment--y'all are just too sweet!

Our "real" celebration for our anniversary won't take place for another couple of weeks (when we head to NYC!), but we had tons of fun this weekend celebrating around the house.    

I already mentioned that we kicked off the anniversary weekend on Friday night with shopping and Chipotle.  Then, on Saturday we spent the day running errands and doing some massive yard saling.  I'll post our deals later this week when I can take pictures of everything.

Sunday (which was actually our 1-year anniversary) was spent at church, and then Monday was our day to celebrate.  We woke up around 9 AM and ate a big breakfast then hit the road and took a 4-mile bike ride down one of our favorite trails.  When we got back home, we lounged some more and then went to The Lobster Trap to pick up our fresh Crab Legs.  We came back home and Nathan fired up the grill!  Our anniversary dinner consisted of Steak, Crab Legs, Lemon Pepper Broccoli and a yummy garden-fresh salad!  We even lit the candles for an extra romantic feel.

After dinner, Nathan and I got all fancied up in our wedding attire (I got this idea from Nathan's mom) and we took a few photos, ate our 1-year old cake, said our vows and danced in our living room.   It was such a nice evening, and a great time of reminiscing back over the past year of our marriage.

Thanks so much for bearing with us as we've gushed about our anniversary for the past few weeks--in case you missed any of the fun, be sure to check these posts: Kick-Off, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, He Said and She Said

Here's to many, many more years of Atwood love!


  1. Wow, sounds like a great time, I truly can't wait for it! I love that you both dressed up, I may have to and probably will "borrow" that idea! COngratulations!

  2. Loved the pictures!!!! It will be fun to look at those in 25 years. What a beautiful couple! Looks like you had a fun time! The dinner sounds yummy, too! How was the cake?

  3. This is the cutest and most darlig post in the whole bloggasphere! Do you think I am just a little bias, ABSOLUTELY NOT! What a wonderful and sentimental way to spend your very 1st anniversary!
    You are a stellar example of how it should be done! A model for young people... and for that matter old too! I am so very happy for you and proud to know you!
    God Bless You and your marriage!
    Auntie Yvonne

  4. what a cute ideas to put on your attire again and enjoy your cake and refresh your vows. LOVE it.

    Our cake was surprisingly good too!

    Happy Anniversary, again :)

  5. To see you two so happy makes me happy. I'll toast my Diet Dr. Pepper to many, many more years of happy love!

  6. I love the idea of getting dressed up! Cute!

  7. So much fun! I love hearing how you celebrated! Happy 1 year Anniversary! What a cute couple you two are!


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