Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Recap + May 24 Menu Plan

This weekend we were especially busy, but it was a great one!  Saturday morning we started it off with a day full of landscaping.  My parents were kind enough to come over and help us lay dirt, plant, mulch and rearrange gigantic rocks in our front and back flower beds.  Here are some Before and After's . . . 

Before--front and side beds (take special notice of the wild shrubs in the background)

Before--full view of the house

After -- side bed with new boxwoods,  hostas, an evergreen and mulch

After -- full view of the house with fresh landscaping

Before--back flower weed bed (this was reallllly bad)

After -- back flower bed :)  
We're not done with this space yet, but peonies and wildflowers are planted, and we're hoping to put up some lattice.

We're glad to be checking this major project off our TO DO list!

Saturday afternoon, my grandparents from Alabama arrived!  They'll be with my parents all week, so Nathan and I went over Saturday and spent the night with my parents and spent some much-needed quality time with my g-parents.  I haven't seen them since the wedding last year, so it's been so nice to catch up and visit with them.  We took a lot of pictures on Sunday with the family, but they're all on my mom's camera, so I'll post them later in the week. :)

As for the menu plan . . . this week we'll be eating some things that were on last week's menu.  Last week was a bit busy, and I worked late a few nights and was unable to cook our regularly scheduled dinners.  Hopefully we can squeeze them in this week.

I will say, our favorite meal last week was the Three Cheese Ziti we tried from SnoWhite's blog.  It was so yummy, we're trying another of her pasta recipes this week!

Monday: On Your Own (I'll be at Bible Study and Nathan's working late)
Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas (I saw these on Pioneer Woman's website and have been dying to try them since!)   Also, my g-parents are coming over for coffee and dessert.  Since their diabetic, I'll be serving up a sugar free angel food cake w/ fresh strawberries. :)
Wednesday: Salmon & Veggie Bake w/ rice.
Thursday: Cheddar Chicken & Pasta Bake
Friday: Hamburgers from the grill
Saturday: Fiesta Chicken I realize this is 2 Mexican meals in 1 week, but we didn't eat any last week so we're making up for it. :)

**Be sure to check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for lots of menu plan ideas that are posted each week!

Blessings for you this Monday!


  1. Your yard looks great! It will be very beautiful soon when all of the flowers start to bloom! Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. we do love pasta at our place ;) Glad you enjoyed the recipe!!

    I love your landscaping -- nice work! And, yea for grandparents!! What fun.

  3. Can ya'll take an extended vacation and come here to help us? HA

    Enjoy your time with your grandparents!!!


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