Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Talk Gardening, Shall We?

A while back, I showed you a sneak peek at our little veggie garden . . .

It was just a wee babe back then that we kept indoors, but it was growing fast.

Then we tilled the ground, sweated from our brows and got these babes planted. 

Several weeks and a frost scare later . . .

And our little garden is growing like crazy!  It’s not the most beautiful of gardens, but we’re beginners. :)

This is our broccoli

These are carrots

This is onion

Here’s our giant potato bushes—these guys literally sprouted overnight and just started growing and growing.

These are garlic 

And last but not least, the most finicky of all the veggies—our lettuce.   
It can’t decide if it wants to grow or not.  But lately it’s been doing pretty good.

This week I’m starting tomatoes and peppers indoors, and this Saturday I’m planting our cucumbers and squash.  I recently read that cucumbers will grow vertically if you train them.  I’m going to try this, because we’re running out of room in our garden! 

To say I obsess over our little veggie garden would be an understatement.  Nathan laughs at me all the time because the first thing I do in the morning is peer out of our bedroom window to look at our garden.  I check on it when I get home, and periodically throughout the afternoon.  It’s not necessarily that I care to see how much they’ve grown, but more that I really cannot believe we planted something in the ground and it survived!  I guess it’s the inexperienced gardener in me.  My biggest fear is walking out to our garden to see it infested with some disease, varmint, or that all of my veggies will somehow just get up and walk away, never to return to me again.

So, my question is this . . . if you garden, when did you start feeling confident in your gardening ability?  Will this come when I actually sink my teeth into some of the fruits of our labor? Also, if you don’t garden, what’s keeping you from it?  Or, if you can’t garden because of space or other constraints, what’s your favorite garden veggie to eat or cook with?    


  1. Last year we planted fully grown gerbera daisies and they were easy to plant and so pretty. This year we tried bulbs of lilies and seeds of zinnias, poppies, daisies, and some butterfly attracting flower. I was so excited to see the bulbs turn into artichoke-looking things on top of the dirt, and the seeds turn into little tiny leaves. Veggies are for next year but I can't wait - where did you find garlic to plant, by the way?

  2. Rachel, All this worry and work will pay of many fold come harvest time! Do you can? I also have a garden and you'll have to check it out when I begin to post about it! We made all raised beds this year.

    I am also planning on doing some posts about freezing and canning the fruits of our labors!

    Wonderful post and I am so happy that you are veggie gardening.

    BTW- I love to companion plant because I keep an organic garden. If you plant salvia (annual) with tomatoes it cuts down on nasty tomato eating bug... and looks so pretty.
    xo to you and Nathan,
    Auntie Yvonne

  3. You go gardening girl! Your veggies look fantastic

  4. So proud of you Rachel! You are gonna be such an attentive and great mommy someday! Keep on keepin on taking care of those pretty little green babies : )


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