Friday, May 28, 2010

It's All in the Details, Part 2

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing a few posts on the details of mine and Nathan's wedding day as well as some wisdom we've gleamed from our first year of marriage.  This is all in celebration of our upcoming 1-year anniversary! 

Last week I shared a few details of mine and Nathan's wedding day.  Today, I thought I'd share a few more. :)  Since I've been loving all the beautiful flowers in bloom around these parts lately, I thought I'd share some pictures of our wedding floral. 

One thing I was really going for on our wedding day was to have lots of little special details that no one really knew about except family and friends.

I started this with the flowers.  I wanted to do something special for my bridesmaids, so I let them choose their flowers for their bouquet.  Each gal chose their favorite flower (and I crossed my fingers that it could come in pink).  My florist, Amy Huffstuttler, was such a gem!  She matched up the girls flowers to the boutonniere of the guy they were walking down with.

My matron and maid of honor had gerbera daisies, my friend Bethany had calla lilies, my friend Vicky chose tulips and my friend Ashley chose garden roses.  This was just one of those small details that no one at the wedding probably noticed, but me and my girls. 

My bouquet was a mix of several of my favorite flowers—peonies, tulips and some other stuff the florist threw in to make it full . . .

And Nathan’s boutonniere was a mix of garden roses and some green berry things . . .

The theme I was sort of going for was indoor garden.  My florist came up with the brilliant idea to have terracotta pots with a shepherds hook mounted inside, with a lighted lantern hanging off of it complete with live gerbera daisies in them lining the aisles.  Here’s what the finished product looked like . . .

The stage was another great idea from my florist—columns with live ferns and candles filled the stage, and the baptistery ledge had floral and candles as well.  Since our wedding was at 6 PM and it was during the spring, it set such a nice romantic ambiance having all those fresh flowers and candles.

The reception hall (which was actually the church’s fellowship hall) held the food.  My florist did a nice big centerpiece in the middle of the table with a bunch of different flowers.  She also put some tulips and other flowers on my cake.

Outside the church, we had a tent set up so people could sit down and enjoy their food while listening to a few of my friends serenade them on the guitar.  On those tables, my florist put big glass pots with lime halves and gerbera daisies.  This was probably one of my favorite floral details, and I thought it turned out so fun and pretty.

Amy was so wonderful during the wedding planning and on the Big Day!  We did everything long-distance and when I showed up on my wedding day it exceeded every expectation I had.  Thank you for such a great job, Amy! 
I should also note that the night before the wedding, Amy was at the church putting flowers together in the dark.  The power had gone off because there was a fierce thunderstorm the night before, and she was so determined to make the day special for me.  I’ll never forget that! 



  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love the pictures and the flowers were gorgeous!

  2. wow -- lovely touches, everything looks beautiful!!

  3. Wow... thanks for the posting... I love looking at your wedding pictures...I show them alot to potential clients...Yes I am so glad you mentioned the labor of love in the dark...I am just very thankful that they turned out that good after creating the arrangements by candle light... I will never forget that night...Can't believe it has almost been a year...Happy Anniversary to you and Nathan... and many more...

    Amy Huffstutler


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