Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Grandparents

I mentioned earlier this week that my grandparents from Alabama are in town.  Today I thought I'd share some photos of their trip so far.  We have enjoyed visiting with them so much!!

This was their first time to fly--ever.  They are the cutest little things!  Since my grandfather can't get around very well,  they both  had wheelchair assistance in the airport.  My grandma says to us on Saturday (in her cute southern accent), "If you're in a wheelchair they really treat you like royalty at the airport, I tell ya'."  :)

Sunday our church honored them with a few gifts.  
My grandparents were home missionaries, and since our church is a missions church, our pastor honored all of their years of service.  It was so touching, and so encouraging!

Me and my grandparents after service

Me and Nathan with the g-parents. :)
**Note to self: Never wear this shirt again.  A lady at church asked me if I was pregnant!!  

My sweet mom with her parents

Last night, Nathan and I had everyone over for coffee and dessert.

We had a great time hearing all the old stories from my grandma and grandpa.

Family memories are the best!


  1. Great pictures of you and your grandparents. So glad that they paid you all a visit! Coffee and dessert sounds delish - must plan that this afternoon.

  2. Loved the pictures!!!! Glad they were able to visit.

  3. What fun! Grandparents are the best :) It was so nice to have them honored at church -- how special.

    Was that strawberry shortcake for dessert?!

  4. Rachel, This is a darling post! ANd I laughed out loud about the shirt! You little thing! I guess people are always excited to wonder if a newlywed would be expecting! Believe me, it's not you. But I bet you and Nathan will make spectacular and godly parents! Ohhhhh, the thought of it gets me excited. See, this is just how we are!

    To answer your question, the tablecloth and the stars were from pier 1 imports.
    I got them recently. They also had the most perfect red and blue swirl glasses. I wish I would have gotten them too. But they were $6.00 a glass and I need 9 for my family, so I didn't think it was worth the $56.00. But they would have put my table over the top!I am amazed that SOMETIMES I can have great restraint.
    Have a fun remainder of your grandparents visit!
    xo Auntie Yvonne

  5. Awww! Granny and Popaw Coxwell :) Please tell them Hi for me and I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit with them. I'll bet that was really an awesome service when the church recognized them for all of their accomplishments.


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