Thursday, April 1, 2010

Since I'm Learning to be Secure and All . . .

I have a funny to share, friends!  Let me set this up for you . . . a few weeks back, I was at the park and my sunglasses broke.  I just couldn’t have that.  I get fierce headaches when I squint my eyes too much, so Nathan was kind enough to go out the next day to WalMart and get me some new ones.  Such a sweet man, he is!

I put the new shades right in my car as soon as I got them because I didn’t want to forget them at home. 

Fast forward one week later . . .

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Upstate New York.  I was at work and decided to go walking on my lunch break at a local park.  I knew a lot of people would be out walking, because it was just so glorious outside.  I get to the park, pull my new shades out, and realize that the mega, heavy duty price tag is still attached!  Yes ma'am it is.  I would need some serious scissors or a knife to cut that thing off, which I had neither of at the time.

I felt my insides say, “Remember . . .  you’re learning to be secure???" :)

Did I mention that the tag hung right in between my eyes, and that it had the words:
FADED GLORY $5 plastered on it??
I threw those glasses on my face and started doing my walking thing at the park.  Mega plastic tag and all.  I was not about to let embarrassment cause me a headache.  I could barely make it through my walk without laughing so hard at myself.  I bet it was a sight to see!
I even took a picture so I could show you how funny it looked

I got some crazy stares, and I even think I heard a snicker once (but that may be my paranoia talking).  


  1. You go!!! I definitely see progress toward security HA You're so cute!

  2. oh, my friend - thanks for sharing. You made me smile this morning :)

  3. LOL!!!!! That is hilarious! I love and miss you dearly :)

  4. I laughed so hard at your story, but the picture was priceless!

  5. Girl, you crack me up! I love it! That is my cousin Rachel - you hold you head up high and enjoy your walk!

  6. Great picture - made me laugh. Who but a secure person would post that?


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