Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you should ever plan a lock-in . . .

 . . . have your head examined first! 
Just for kicks, I thought I’d give you a little preview into what mine and Hubby’s weekend will look like.  You may remember way back in August when I posted about our fall lock-in.  If the term “lock-in” is a little new to you, let me introduce you to the madness me and hubby like to call “pure fun" . . .

On Friday night, about 15-20 kids (ages 8-12) will join us at the church.  They’ll be towing with them friends, snacks, sleeping bags (who needs ‘em?) and LOTS of energy.  We’ll spend the night (without sleeping) at the church playing TONS of games, eating way too much junk food, singing, having some Jesus time and getting to know each other better until we go into a self-induced coma.  Saturday morning for one good dose of sugar more, I’ll be making a BIG pancake breakfast for the kiddos and then we’ll be dropping them off at their parentals around 8 AM where they’ll then sleep until Sunday morning.  And all the parents said AMEN!

Lock-ins take a toll on hubby and I—especially since we’re getting up in our old age (*wink*), but they are a pure delight!  We love spending some quality fun time with the kids we teach every week, and if it means a few less no hours of sleep to see a few kids come to know Christ or make new friends, then to us, it’s totally worth it!

Here’s a few of the new things we’ll be doing with the kids at this year’s lock in:
  • We’ll be building a bonfire outside.  This may or may not have anything to do with the youth pastor’s wife’s love affair with S’Mores.
  • Games—Nathan has so many new games picked out for the kids.  One I’m especially excited about is called “Pamper Your Pallet”—we’ll melt different chocolate bars into diapers (yes, ones that babies wear--not a used one though--that would be just plain wrong) and the kids have to taste the “poo” to see if they can guess which candy bar it is.  Only Nathan and I get enjoyment out of these gross games, I’m sure.  The flip camera will be rolling during this one!
  • Q&A—usually we have a few ice breakers before the lock-in gets into full-swing.  This year, we’re switching it up and doing a rendition of the game Loaded Questions.  We’re hoping this will make people feel comfortable really quickly and provide a good laugh or two.
  • Food—We always serve pizza.  It’s just what our kids love. Ok, ok . . .and us. However, this year, I talked Nathan into getting some carrots, celery and broccoli (with a side of ranch dressing, of course).  Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is doing a number on me, and let’s just face it—junk food for 24 hours = bleh. I’m also serving up some fun Dirt Pudding (you didn’t actually think they would eat lettuce all night, did you?).  I’m excited about this one, and I’ll definitely share the recipe afterwards!
  • Sleep—our kids are tough to crack.  Each lock-in, Nathan and I keep our fingers crossed that around 4 AM, the majority of them will start dropping like flies.  They never do.  So, we’ve established a sleeping rotation system.  When I start to pass out, Nathan is kind enough to let me sleep for an hour or two and then I return the favor.  It’s our little trick to keeping our sanity.
Check back in next week when we’ve had a chance to recoup and I’ll post a recap, some photos and possibly a first-ever on the Atwood blog—a video!

Your prayers are much-appreciated for the weekend.


  1. I can just see your little smiling and excited face as you were typing this :) I hope you all have a great time. Maybe I should plan a trip up just to be able to go to one of those lock-ins!!! Sounds fun :)

  2. Hi there! stumbled across your blog wanted to let you know my hubby and I also share your love/hate with lockins with the youth. hopefully you will be able to find sometime to catch up on sleep after the lock-in:-) but that sleepless night will be well worth it. some of the greatest memories are made at lock-ins. Enjoy!

  3. Bless your hearts! I loved our church lock-ins when I was younger! I don't think I could appreciate until now how much hard work it must have been. It sounds like you have a nice time planned!


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