Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giving the Hallway a Face Lift

You would think hubby and I would be pooped on the projects around here after our day-long garden building and planting, but . . . I wanted to reveal one finished project I'm especially pumped about.

Last week, we tackled our hallway.  It's been painted for a while now, and we've had the idea to hang a photo collage on it.  You've probably heard me say several times how wonderful Nathan's photography is, and I really wanted a brag wall in our house.  So, we finally got around to printing out and framing a lot of his photos.  He even requested I include some photos I had taken--he's so modest!  

We read that to get the most out of your collage presentaton, it's best to lay the framed photos out on the floor and arrange them first before hanging.  Great tip!  We got a big mix of photos and frames, but stuck with one theme--Upstate New York places and things.  I was so proud of how this turned out, and I love stepping out in the hallway every morning to a wall covered in photos.

Before--Blank Slate!

After--covered in photos!

Here's a closer look . . .

And we hung this big matted guy in between the bathroom and the hallway--Nathan didn't take this photo, but we loved how mysterious it looked.



  1. I love what you guys have done!!

    My hubby and I have talked about decorating our walls in different rooms with themes of photos -- a blue room with water photos, a green one with tree photos! We'll see if it ever happens, but I love decorating with photos we've taken. I'm so happy you guys have put your photos on the wall too!

  2. Nathan is an awesome photographer.
    You recently asked me what I plan on doing when the girls go to school and my answer is taking a photography class!
    Great job - you have a beautiful home.


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