Saturday, April 24, 2010

Front Door Makeover

Back in August when our family from Tennessee paid us a little visit, my sweet MIL and I put a fresh coat of white paint on our front door.  We were impressed how just a little touch-up could make a door look so fresh and so clean.  During our painting expedition, however; we kept commenting on how great our door would look painted red. Our little ranch is white with black shutters, and we just both knew the red door would make it pop. 

But, since we had just painted the door white and since they were only here for a few days, we decided to hold off on the red update.  I was fine with waiting on my red door, but when warmer weather hit, I ran to Lowe’s and picked myself up a quart of Valspar Fabulous Red and I got to painting the town door red!

Here’s the before . . . not too bad, but sort of blah

Notice our red and yellow tulips growing out front?  Those were strategically planted last fall—this red door has been on my mind for quite a while! :)

Before I show you the after, here are some tips to keep in mind if you do decide to give your front door a little update.

1.) Picking the right “red.”  This wasn’t that hard for me.  I knew I wanted Valspar (I’m partial when it comes to paint), and they had 3 different shades of true red for me to choose from.  The one that stuck out to me the most was Fabulous Red—mostly for name’s sake.  That may sound weird, but there’s a reason those brand specialists named it Fabulous Red, I’m determined.  I wasn’t disappointed. 

2.) Primer.  Lowe’s painting experts pointed out to me that I needed a gray tinted primer (never heard of it).  This would keep the red as true looking as possible, without making it look orange, pink or some other crazy version of red.  Since our door was already white, we would only need 1 quart of the gray primer and 1 quart of the red paint. I applied 1 coat of the gray primer and it was good to go!

3.) Painting the Door. I thought since our little door was plain white that it would only take 1 coat to cover it all.  I was wrong.  But, it did only take 2 coats!  Just keep in mind that if you have a darker color door that you're covering, it might take a little bit more.

And here’s the after . . .ahhhh

Before . . .

 After  . . .

There’s nothing that gets my heart a pitter pattering more than a pop of color paired with black and white—in fact, our guest bedroom is even black and white with touches of red.

I could stare at it all day.  I love our little red door, and it actually makes me love our house even more.  Our little casa has come a long way since last April when Nathan moved in, and I’m so happy it’s finally getting some TLC!

So what about you--have you splashed some bright color into your home lately?  What projects are you anticipating this spring/summer?  Have you ever painted your front door? I'd love to hear! 


  1. I love your red door - beautiful!!!!
    I fell in love with this idea too
    Check out a bloggy friend of mine etsy's store at
    Great job!

  2. Well paint my door red and call me Elizabeth Arden. LOL! One of my fave quotes from the best movie of all time, Steel Magnolias.

    Love you and love the door :)

  3. Nothing I love more than a good before and after! And I agree with matters of paint and nail polish, I typically choose the one with the best name,ha. Great choice!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the door!!!!!! You are so good at following through with projects - it brightens up the house so much and it pops!

  5. Oh my goodness!! A wonderful make over. Well done!
    Enjoying your blog.



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