Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The $20 Challenge

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It'll be no surprise to some of you to hear that I'm married to a competitive man.  (Remember that one time he made yard saling a competition?!?)   

So, When I saw Laura's post over at Frugal Newlyweds describing the $20 Challenge, I knew hubby would be on board.  The idea started over at the blog, Life As I See It (be sure to check her blog out for the details).  Basically, you and your spouse get $20 each.  You set some ground rules, and then see who can grow their $20 the most within a certain time frame.  Jessica at Life As I See It is doing a 1-year challenge with her man, but hubby and I are a little too impatient for that.  We've set our cut-off date as July 10--the Saturday before we leave for our NYC trip.

Since we only have a few short months, we're each racing to grow our $20! I started off the competition by selling my iPod Nano (which I never use).  Since I didn't have to spend any of my $20, I made an automatic $50 in revenue!  Hubby has since placed a few things of his online to sell as well--we'll see how much he makes (wahaha).

Eventually, I know I'm going to have to tap into my revenue cash and spend some in order to make more, but I'm hoping to keep that to a minimum.  Some examples I'm thinking I could use for the challenge include:

  • buying something at a yard sale that I know I can turn around and make a profit off of
  • asking my BFF (aka my mom) to help me out with the challenge--a day of housework in exchange for a few bucks?  ;-)  
  • asking Nathan for a copyright permission so that I can sell of few of his photos and make some money off of him.  I'm kidding.  I think.
  • And, since I live in NY now (where the lottery is legal) I could purchase a few scratch offs.  Now I'm really kidding--I don't think my southern conscience would let me.
And to be honest, that's about all I've come up with.  Pathetic, I know.  Feel free to leave me some tips or ideas you have for growing my $20!  (Recruiting bloggy friends' advice isn't on the rule list . . . yet). 


  1. Good luck - I know Nathan and he LOVES a good challenge so this should get interesting. I think you should write something as you are very good at that - sell an article or two to a magazine???

  2. Hmm, okay the wheels are turning! Great idea selling your ipod! I will be thinking about it. I love hearing about friendly competition so keep us posted.

  3. I thought about this for a good while and the only thing I can come up with is having a carwash - good luck!


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