Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Recap in Photos

This weekend, Nathan and I took some of the older kids from our church bowling.  We had a blast!  Of course, my sweet hubby wanted to make a competition out of it.  The rules were that the winning team would get McDonald's Ice Cream.  The stakes were high, there was chocolate involved, and my team did a pretty good job of keeping up with Nathan's team.  But . . . in the end, his team won.  He was still nice enough to buy the winners AND losers ice cream (after a little begging from the kids his wife). :)

Here are some photos of the night . . . 

Group shot . . . poor Nicole was our only girl!  We've got way too much testosterone in this group, don't you think??  :)

Me & Nicole

Nathan and Blake . . . our competition was tough!!

Hubby bowling :)  

This afternoon, my mom was kind enough to declare it "girls day."  We went and got ourselves pampered at the local Wal-Mart . . . 

Mom getting a pedicure :)

Ahhh . . . as my cousin Missy's daughters would say, "This is the spice of life!"  LOL

I hope you had a fabulous and relaxing weekend as well!

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