Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan and Marital Monday

Saturday, Nathan was off, and we took full advantage!  We decided to turn off our phones and computers and head to the great outdoors.  We've been getting lots of great sunshine here in Upstate New York, and we were itching to get out and enjoy it.  

We headed to Genesee Country Village and Museum.  But first, we got lost a little detoured. (It just wouldn't be Marital Monday without a little real-life injected, right?)  If you know my man, then you might know that nothing gets his goat quite like a minor detour.  After 20 minutes of driving, we eventually got on the right path.  My exasperated hubby was too cute, y'all.  He says to me, "Rachel, we just drove 20 minutes out of the way!  Why aren't you upset?!?"  I replied with, "Well, we're not on any kind of time schedule.  We have all day to get there."  :)  I love how different we are.  I look at getting lost as an adventure, and hubby sees it as the most annoying thing.  Ever.  There was actually some beautiful countryside to be seen on our back road adventure to Mumford.  I'm just sayin'.

Beforehand, we had planned to do some snowshoeing at the Village, but once we got to there, the lady at the desk informed us the snow wasn't quite right for snowshoeing.  However, the snow was perfect for cross country skiing--something hubby and I have never done.  Being the adventurous types, we decided, why not?!?

We had such a great time trying out a new hobby and enjoying the trails.  We only saw two other people the whole day!  The woods were so perfect and quiet.  

We stopped for a picnic and enjoyed some lunch . . . 

And then we finished our skiing . . .

We skied about 4 miles, and we were pretty impressed with ourselves.  Then we got back to the Nature Center and took off the skis and sat down.  It was then we realized how incredibly sore and tired we both were.  Cross country is quite the workout!  We enjoyed our day of breaking out of the city and doing something outdoors.  Spring, are you here yet?!?!

Participating in Menu Plan Monday again with I'm and Organizing Junkie.
I haven't really put much thought into our menu plan this week.  It's been one of those, "It's Monday already?!?!" weekends, and I just let this one completely slip by.  Here's what I came up with so far . . .

Monday: Nathan's working, and I'm at Bible Study, so it's fin for yourself night.
Tuesday:  Steak and Potato Salad (a new recipe I found in my Real Simple magazine). 
Wednesday:  Umm...I'm thinking it'll be soup or something?  We have church this night, so I'm striving for simplicity! :)
Thursday: Individual Chicken Pot Pie
Friday: Nathan's working, and I'm going out to eat with my sweet pastor's wife. :)
Saturday: TBD

Blessings for you this Monday!


  1. You are ambitious - if Nathan's back survived four miles then it's better HA. Love the pictures - look forward to your blog!

  2. Love the pics! Y'all are soo cute! Glad you enjoyed your new adventure :) Have a wonderful week!!

  3. Hi,
    I found you blog from a link from
    From the looks of your site & pics, the teens in your ministry
    are very blessed.
    Have a great week.

  4. You adventureous girl you - snowskiing sounds fun! Love the pictures

  5. It's Saturday and I'm enjoying some MPM blog visiting while watching "Barney Miller" on
    It's time to expand my recipe sources with some new ideas.


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