Monday, March 29, 2010

Marital Monday + March 29 Menu Plan

You may remember way back when I posted about our 2010 Family Goals.  I’m happy to report we’ve been doing quite well sticking to them.  Except in one minor area . . .that whole working out thing.  We had originally hoped to workout together at least 3 times a week.  But, with Nathan’s work schedule and the cold winter making the warm couch so comfortable, we just haven’t gotten around to the whole working out together thing too much. (Excuses, Excuses)  Don’t get me wrong, we’re both very active.  Nathan’s job entails that he walk about 5 miles a day (I’m just guessing on that, but I’m sure I’m not too far off) and I go on a walk each day during lunch.  But, although we’re active, we’re not really in a muscle-building stage.  And recently, we’ve been all too aware of that.

In fact, Nathan’s comment last week had me chuckling so much that I decided to share it for today’s Marital Monday.  We were talking about how now that the weather is nicer, we want to really start working out more and building muscle—not just being “active.” 

He comments, “Yeah, I’ve noticed we’re not as firm as we were when we got married.”

It’s a good thing I’m learning to be secure!  : )

My man is so honest.  Bless him. 

But for real, have any of you other married couples had this same “our bodies aren’t what they used to be” realization??  It's a harsh one, eh?

This week, we're cooking up a few new favs and we're also firing up the grill again!!  Some great weather is predicted for this week, so we're looking forward to getting outside a lot!

If you need menu plan ideas, be sure to head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.  She has tons of menu plan ideas posted each week for Menu Plan Monday!

Monday:  On Your Own (I'll be at Bible Study and Nathan will be at work--it'll be a PB&J night for sure!)
Tuesday: Sweet & Sour Chicken Stir Fry w/Veggies and Rice (**new recipe**)--Nathan will be having this Wednesday.
Wednesday:  Nathan--sweet and sour chicken, Rachel--chicken salad sandwich :)  (hubby doesn't like "chick food")
Thursday: Fajita Chicken Pot Pie (**new recipe**)
Friday: Grill Night!!  Steak Kabobs
Saturday: Leftover Night

Blessings for you this Monday,


  1. I love how marriage allows us to be ourselves and I'm happy that you shared this comment today :)

  2. Hi there, found you on the mr. linky for today's menu plan monday. The fajita chicken pot pie sounds delicious! I might just have to look up a recipe for it!


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