Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steppin' Out

I shared a while back about the book I read that gave me a fresh perspective and a new way to pray.  “Lord, interrupt me.”

Well, I have to be honest.  I have been praying that prayer and asked God to give me little opportunities where I could be used.

It was only a matter of days after praying to be interupted before I spotted a homeless person on the corner of the exit I get off to go to work.  Traffic was busy, so I just went with the flow. But my heart lay heavy, and it has since that day.  I was hoping I’d see him again so I could help, but he hasn’t been there.

A couple days passed and I was out shopping in a somewhat heavy snow storm.  It was getting dark, and I spotted a nicely dressed elderly lady walking down a busy highway.  I wanted to stop and ask her if she needed a ride.  I really did.  But, I also wanted to be safe.  You know, that voice that was pounded into your head at age 16, “Never give a ride to strangers?”  I followed the safe voice, but ignored God’s.  My heart again lay heavy.

Last week, I read Judges 6.  If you know about this chapter then you might know where this is leading.  Little ole’ Gideon.  I could be his long lost daughter, you know.

God asked Gideon to do 1 thing, and Gideon asked God to deliver 3 signs.

Why do I, like Gideon, hesitate when God speaks?  I have been so frustrated by this lately.  I beat myself up over it for a while, and then I just felt God saying, “Just be obedient. Step out and do it.”

(These are the kind of conversations I have in my head with God . . . )

“But God, you know I want to be obedient, but I just have a hard time knowing whether it’s your voice speaking or just my own desire.  I want to do what You want me to do.”

“You know what I want you to do, Rachel.  In my Word I tell you to give to the poor, love and help others.  Just be obedient.”


I felt like a Gideon, and my eyes were opened.  I had prayed for God to interrupt me and He had.  However, I didn’t follow through in obedience.  The feeling I get from obedience far outweighs the feeling I get from disobedience.  From now on, I won’t question, I’ll just obey. 

What about you?  Is God asking you to step out in obedience and do something?  My thoughts are directed to the poor people in Haiti.  I wish so badly I could fly down and be there with them, comfort them and help them.  I've prayed, but I want to do more.  I recently found a site called Love a Child, Inc. and they're asking those who are willing to donate needed supplies.  If you feel led, click here to check out the list.  

Let's step out in obedience to God's Word: "If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother" Deut. 15:7  

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