Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nathan=1, Squirrels=0

On Monday, I wrote about mine and Nathan’s rodent issue, and gave you a glimpse at my sweet hubby’s To-Do List for the day.  I’m happy to report the squirrels were not killed.  We took a more unobtrusive route. 

Before I let you in on our extermination secret, I thought I’d give you some background on the issue. 

Problem: Family of squirrels scurrying around in our attic—driving us crazy

We weren’t sure where they were coming from, but we knew they were there.  Nathan got up on the roof Monday morning and discovered the point of entry.  The cute darlings had managed to chew a 2-inch hole into our house! 

Point of entry

 Not only that, but once inside, they also managed to push our insulation to one side of our house and make a nice little pillow for themselves.  Resourceful, those squirrels. 

Resourcefulness of the rodents

After feeling extremely violated, Nathan went to work on coming up with a solution.  He read online that hot sauce and water makes a great concoction that when sprayed, keeps squirrels repelled.  

Concoction: Equal parts water and hot sauce (we tested with Frank’s Red Hot). 

Nathan sprayed down the inside of the attic, their little gnawed entryway and the nearby tree and roof with our homemade squirrel repellent.  He used the whole bottle of Frank’s Red Hot, so those Buffalo wings I was planning to make on Friday might just turn out to be fried chicken wings.  (Just a little menu planning humor for ya’.)  

After the repellent was sprayed, Nathan also nailed some metal over their entryway to ensure that they wouldn’t be gnawing through again—that is, unless they want to break their cute little teeth off. We’re not bitter. 

Problem solved!

So, there you have it folks—homemade extermination at more than half the cost!  I do have to point out, we were very lucky that the little monsters weren’t living or breeding in our attic.  We read that they can get a little aggressive if that happens.  Luckily, we caught on to their schemin’ ways before they got that far. 

After the problem had been solved, Nathan did say he saw the squirrels on the roof later that day.  Probably wondering how they were going to get through their shiny new “door,” I suppose.  Nathan said he looked at the squirrel, and the squirrel looked at him and they had a brief stare down.  Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. 

Or else . . . 
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Nathan’s already purchased the punishment if they don’t. 


  1. Thanks for the good story - and laugh! I can so see Nathan doing this!

  2. Yay to Nathan! I had no idea squirrels could chew like beavers! Glad you all found out about them before they started having babies ; )

  3. I've been laughing at all the squirrel posts, especially because our grandmother HATED squirrels! They were always running across her glass sunroom roof. I wonder if Nathan remembers any of that from when we were younger?

  4. LOL! That is funny and very inventive I might add! Way to go Nathan :)

  5. too funny. glad you two found the humor in the situation.

    glad they're gone -- praying they don't come back!


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