Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan & Marital Monday

It's official folks.  We have squirrels living in our attic.  Yes, cute harmless squirrels.  At least we thought so, until now.

Have you ever heard a squirrel run through your attic?  If not, you're not missing anything.  Its sound resembles that of a rat trying to claw it's way through cardboard.  Yuck.  Did I just type the word rat?  Eww.

At first I was convinced that they were just crawling on our roof via the nearby tree.  Then yesterday I heard them squeaking.  That's right.  As if clawing isn't enough, they're now taunting us in squirrel language.  

Nathan grabbed the ladder and hurried up, but the little stinkers had already made their way out of the attic.  The point of entry has yet to be discovered, but we  Nathan spotted a nut and some insulation pulled back from the wall.  It was all the evidence we needed.  

Nathan made his To-Do list for today and it looks something like this:

1.) Kill Squirrels

My man, the protector.  

Nothin' gets me in the mood to talk about food more than squirrels (insert sarcasm), so moving on . . .

I'm joining the menu planning bandwagon, and discovered this great little blog, I'm an Organizing Junkie to help keep us menu planners held accountable.  Every Monday, you post your menu for the week, and hope you stick with it.  Or is that just me?? :)

Nothing too fancy this week, it's a busy one around here!

Monday: Ravioli with Meat Sauce (something quick and easy before Bible Study)
Tuesday: Grilled chicken Caesar salad 
Wednesday: Tuna Subs (again, something easy for church night)
Thursday: Pork Chops, Potatoes and Salad
Friday: Homemade pizza & buffalo wings
Saturday: Out to dinner with friends!


  1. squirrels!! wow. Hope Nathan get's his checklist completed today.

  2. Oh yes, squirrels in the attic. In our first home, we had them and they drove Duke, our dog then, CRAZY! Best of luck with them! And your week menu sounds yummy!

  3. Dying to know the score on the squirrels vs Nathan. HA! Good luck - they are persistent little squirts!

  4. Welcome to MPM!! So glad you've joined us :)


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