Monday, January 4, 2010

Marital Monday: Making Family Goals

I am not a planner by any sort of the imagination.  I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants, wait until the last minute and store the to-do lists in my head gal.  However, I happen to be married to Mr. Planner.  God sure has a sense of humor, doesn't he? :)

Anyway.  Since married life, I've adapted to my Mr. Planner and he's actually taught me that planning is a good thing.  I find myself making little lists now (although most of them are still in my head) and I enjoy knowing that when we get in the car to go somewhere new, Nathan has already thought to print the map so we don't get lost. (Something this non-planner gal unfortunately forgets to do.)

Since the New Year always brings with it new plans and new goals, I thought today I'd post about mine and Nathan's 2010 goals.  (And surprisingly, I'm the one who suggested we make the list!--I'm growing as a person, ladies and gentlemen.)  We sat down not too long ago and agreed upon these.

We're both visual people, so I recently typed these goals up and posted them to our refrigerator.  I'm hoping we'll look at these occasionally and be reminded of them, but I thought I'd write them here too so that I have some sort of accountability.  After all, at the end of 2010, all 15 of you are going to be dying to know if we met these goals, right?  ;)

So, here they are.  In no specific order.  Just as they appear hanging on our fridge; parenthesis added.  The Atwood family goals for 2010.
  • Work-out more!  3 times per week, at least (Seriously, what was I thinking when I wrote this one?  And why did I feel the need to add that little exclamation point like I'm excited about this?)
  • Date nights, once per week. (Now this one I love--Nathan and I have decided to implement a date night rule.  We must go on a date at least one night a week.)
  • Spend more time in family devotions and prayer; growing in our own personal faith walks too.
  • Continue saving money like we have been.
  • Rachel to cook more healthy meals; Nathan to be more open-minded when eating them. (I'm happy to say we have a head start on this one!)
  • House Projects. (there are way too many to list, and way too many for us to accomplish in 2010 . . . we must have been feeling advantageous when we wrote these.)
  • Save enough extra money to go to NYC for our 1-year anniversary trip (I'm super-excited about this one.)
  • Never go to bed mad.
  • Give more to others.
  • Plan more activities and outreach events for the youth group.
I should note, the other day after looking these goals over once again, I ran across this verse:

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."
--Prov. 19:21

 . . . Something good to be reminded of for planners and non-planners alike.


  1. Good list, Rachel and I wish you and Nathan all of the very best in 2010!

    Love and Miss you,

  2. I think you just taught your cousin something today - great idea!!! I may type up a few goals for us too! Thank you for sharing!

  3. what a great list! I think we're in for weekly date nights too.


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