Friday, January 29, 2010

And Then There Were Two

You may remember my solo attempt to paint the dining room a few weeks back.  I didn’t get very far and I forgot to paint the ceiling first.  Since my zealousness got ahead of my attentiveness, Nathan decided it would be best if next time we made painting a team effort.  

So, last week we planned ahead and decided that Tuesday night we’d put on our enthusiastic painting faces and get to it!

This room still has a far way to go on its rehab journey, but a nice coat of fresh paint sure makes it look lovely.  We used Brown Buzz from Valspar, and we were very pleased with the color outcome. 

In construction--the wall to the right is the new color, the wall the left is the old white wall

Kitchen--Before (please ignore our mismatched cabinets.  We're hoping to say farewell to them sometime in the near future!)

After--much warmer, don't you think?

Kitchen After--with my new rug and curtains my Granny bought me for Christmas!

And my favorite piece in our dining room--our $50 china hutch we got off of craigslist that matched our table perfectly.  


  1. I love the new color! Maybe this will motivate me to paint a few more rooms in our house, ha. And hello, I love Craigslist! That hutch was a great find!

  2. Looks great, Rachel!!! I am thinking of doing a little painting and sprucing up myself :)

  3. You could paint your kitchen cabinets so they all match. That would save you a lot of money.



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