Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's For Dinner? Yummy Chili

To say it’s been cold this week would be an understatement, and since Mr. Winter has decided to raise his head, we will not be defeated! 

In light of the extra nip in the air, I decided to put a nice big pot of chili on today. I snagged this recipe from SnoWhite’s cooking blog who snagged it from Lucy’s cooking blog, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.  It’s really a fool-proof recipe.  I’ve added and subtracted veggies from the original, and it’s still so yummy every time.  The first time I made it, fresh corn was in season here in Upstate NY, and I added 2 ears in, which was fabulous!  The second time I made it, I added an extra kick to spice it up a bit and this time, I switched it up again to compensate for the missing corn.  Here’s what I did: 

I used the same ratio of ingredients as last time, but I subtracted the zucchini, squash and corn because those aren't really in season.  Tonight's chili is a little less veggie-filled--I just used celery, carrots, onion and tomatoes.  However, I did substitute the pound of ground beef for 1 pound of ground turkey and 2 links of mild Italian sausage without the casings.

So far, so good!  I haven’t actually had a whole bowl yet because I’m waiting for the hubby to get home from work, but from the little bit I’ve taste-tested it sure is yummy!  I’ll be serving this with the hubby’s favorite—Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 

Speaking of Grilled Cheese, if you don’t have one of these, you need one.  This makes sandwiches in record-time and they come out looking so pretty!  I think we got this for like $10 at Wal-Mart last Black Friday . . . so worth it! 

photo from: Wal-Mart.com


  1. oh, yummy. bet the Italian sausage makes it extra yummy.

  2. Yum Italian sausage is great in chili; I use it when I have it around! I have that sandwich maker and it makes delicious sandwiches - Grilled Cheese with Ham or Bacon are great in it!

  3. YUM! YUM! YUM! Chili and Grilled Cheese one of my faves :)


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