Monday, December 7, 2009

Marital Monday: Life's Simple Pleasures

Now that winter is slowly settling into Upstate New York, Nathan and I are beginning to hibernate inside.  During the summer and fall months, you’ll rarely find us indoors as we love to take long hikes, bike rides or even just walks around the neighborhood.  Even though we’re not outdoors as much, there’s something so satisfying and relaxing about sitting around our cozy home, just the two of us.

I’m discovering more and more each passing week how fun it is to be married.  There was always something so exciting about dating life—seeing each other after not seeing each other for a few days, or staying up late and talking on the phone for hours, but married life far surpasses it all.  I wouldn’t trade our PJ-wearing lazy afternoons, dinner in front of the TV, long talks before bed or “junk food slumber parties” for anything.  In fact, Nathan said it best this past week when I asked him what his favorite part of married life was:

    “It’s like having your best friend spend the night every day.”


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