Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Thanksgiving Meal on the Cheap

Last Thrifty Thursday, I shared with you how I scored some great deals on Harvest Décor from Michael’s.  Our house is officially decorated for Thanksgiving!

This week, I decided to share with you what’s on our menu for Thanksgiving and how we scored a great deal on our bird.

I recently read on Hip 2 Save that Wal-Mart had their birds for $.40/pound.  I was shocked and excited to go purchase our first bird, but disappointed when I found our Wal-Mart wasn’t running the same special.  I kept looking around, and my mom told me about a local supermarket, Tops, that has their turkeys on sale for $.24/pound!  I ran out that day and bought our 25 pound turkey for a whopping $5.  This just goes to show that it pays to wait on a great deal.

Besides our turkey, we’ll be fixing up all the trimmings.  Here’s what’s on the menu:
  •  Stuffing (Nathan likes Stove Top--can you believe that?!?--so I'll be fixing that especially for him)
  • Dressing--the rest of us will be enjoying my mom's homemade dressing (dressing=stuffing, it's just the southern way to say it)
  • Mashed Potatoes--it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Mashed Potatoes!  I'll be making these.
  • Green Beans--my mom is bringing these
  • Homemade Rolls--my mom discovered how to make my Granny Martin's homemade rolls, so I put in a request for those.  (YUM!--can't wait)
  • Dessert--I'll be making this, but I'm at a loss for what to make.  Nathan is a pretty picky dessert eater, and my mom and dad love anything nutty, and I just love anything chocolate!  We'll see what make it to the table on Thanksgiving Day . . . 


  1. I remember your Granny Martin's homemade rolls from camp. They were the best! Why don't you make a Kentucky Derby pie. It is like a pecan pie with lots of chocolate added! That would satisfy you and your parent's likes.

  2. sounds like a delicious menu :)

    Might I suggest a pie ...? I modified it slightly for our tastes (since I'm allergic to nuts) -- but, I'm betting the original is delicious:

  3. Oooo...both good suggestions Melanie and Sno! Thank you very much! :)


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