Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Decorating for Thanksgiving

This will be mine and Nathan’s first Thanksgiving as a married couple, so I’ve invited my parents to come over while we host Thanksgiving Dinner at our house.  I couldn’t be more excited because I love hosting and cooking.  My mom has offered to make a few dishes, so we’re going to split the menu, but I’m in charge of the bird.  

I’ve never cooked a turkey before, but Nathan has a bit of experience.  I’m hoping between the two of us, we can manage.  Nathan says the best way to keep it moist is to shove a stick of butter inside . . . sounds so Paula Deen, and I’m all about a moist turkey!  It’s Thanksgiving after all, so raise those cholesterol points a little and indulge! 

Since we’re preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, I wanted to do a little decorating around the house without breaking the bank.  Nathan and I went out to Michael’s last Friday, and lucky for us -- their harvest décor was 80% off!  I managed to get a bunch of cute decorating items for really cheap.  Here’s a few of the things we got . . . I don't think we paid over $2 for anything.

We wrapped this around our light--it turned out really pretty!

They had these little rings that matched our vine around the light, so I used them as napkin rings

Little Pumpkin Topiary

I got a whole bag of these little rustic pumpkins, and a few of these pumpkin scented candles

A nice little pumpkin pie plate

I couldn't resist these little guys--Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers
I actually got these from Target for like $1 after Halloween

And here's the finished product!

Now, we're ready for Thanksgiving  . . .we just have to go get that turkey!


  1. Cute Rachel! Good luck with the turkey! I know it will be delicious :)


  2. How adorable - Someone told me to cook the turkey breast side down (if you like to eat the skin it won't be crusty if you cook it with breast side up)and it will be more moist (it seems it's the white meat that dries out)

    Good luck - wish we could be there!


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