Monday, November 2, 2009

Marital Monday: Looking Back

This weekend Nathan and I reminisced back two years ago to the first time we met. Nathan flew out to Upstate New York all the way from Denver, Colorado to meet me on October 31, 2007. He stayed with my pastor and his wife for about 4 days, and during that time we went on several dates--one of those being the George Eastman House; which is where we ended up getting engaged six months after we started dating.

Up until Nathan's first visit, we'd exchanged many phone calls, e-mails and text messages and were ready to meet (just ask the ones who were paying our cell phone bills--ha). I can still remember being so nervous when I went to pick him up from the airport on October 31. After getting his luggage, and heading to the car, he pulled out a fresh bouquet of yellow daisies. It was at that moment, I knew all the smooth talking over the phone wasn't just an act. ;) The funny part about the weekend was that, although Nathan had never been to Upstate New York, his sense of direction is 10 times better than mine, and he ended up getting us home from the airport and navigating us the next 4 days!

During those 4 days, we learned so much more about each other than we did talking for months on the phone. I saw in action how much of a gentleman Nathan is, how respectful he is, and how careful he is of me--always making sure I'm safe!

I am so thankful that God brought our paths together, and that 2 years after meeting him for the first time, I'm now Mrs. Nathan Atwood. :) I couldn't be happier!

Here are some photos from our first date weekend:

Our first night out to eat when Nathan came to visit

We walked along the Erie Canal

And went to Watkins Glen


  1. too cute! you look so happy in these photos!!

  2. Awww how sweet, Rachel! Wishing you both many, many more happy times!


  3. Awww! What a great post! A walk down memory lane! I love the photos and I remember I got a call from Granny saying that Rachel is meeting a boy who flew just to see her! Ha!


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