Monday, November 16, 2009

Marital Monday: Blonde Moment

A later than usual post today—let’s just say we’re still recovering from our lock in.  It was a big success, by the way and I’ll be sure to post photos and a recap later this week.

This week’s Marital Monday actually took place on Friday night.  Friday was actually National Philanthropic Day, and I guess you could say that Nathan and I were feeling extra giving . . .

We went to BJ’s (New York’s version of SAM’s Club) to meet up with my Dad and get the keys for the bus for the lock in.  While we were waiting in the car, I noticed to the left of me a lady who popped (what looked like) the hood on her car.  She was bending over and looking in, and it appeared that she was having some car trouble.

My man happens to be pretty smart when it comes to cars, so I mentioned to him that he might want to go check on her and see if she needed any help.  He glanced over, saw the lady, and said that we might both want to get out.  (You know, so he didn’t scare her approaching her by himself.)

We jollily got out of the car, and were excited to go help someone out . . .

When we noticed that it wasn’t really her hood that she was peering over, but rather her trunk . . .

And she wasn’t really having trouble at all; she was just loading her groceries in her car.

With flushed faces, we humbly returned back to our car.

And I thought I was the only ditzy one in this marriage!  :)


  1. No offense taken by the blonde remark since I pay to have my hair turned blonde - Ha!
    Too funny!
    So when are we going to hear about all this yummy food you cooked recently? Just got off the phone with Granny.

  2. That is so funny! Lol! The best part is that you can laugh at yourselves :) Just remember your hearts were in the right place :)

    Love You!


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