Monday, November 9, 2009

Marital Monday: Am I Alone In This??

OK Ladies, do any of your men have one of these ???. . . 

Maybe it's not this brand or type, but do they have any type of electronic gaming system??

If so, you might find yourself in the boat I've been in the past week or two.  

I enjoy spending time with my man so much, that I'll usually sit with him on the couch while he plays his ever-loved XBOX 360.  His newest game, Soldiers of Fortune, happens to be his favorite.  Last week, he was intensely playing this game when he says to me, "Honey, you have to watch this part!  It's soo cool!"  Thinking I was about to see some type of new-age, futuristic animation, I quickly glanced to see my sweet, innocent, red-headed hubby blowing some guy's arm to smithereens. 

Is this their idea of "cool?" 

Since he knows I'll likely not join in playing this game, he generously decided to get a more innocent game for me.  :)

Anybody remember this?!? 

I've been having fun all week trying to get past Level 3!  :) 


  1. we don't have a gaming system... but I do remember Sonic :) What fun!

  2. Corey has a Wii, and usually plays football, hockey, or golf. When he wanted to get a game system I over-suggested the Wii so we could both play, instead of a Playstation where I would get bored sitting on the couch. Glad you like Sonic! The arm-blowing off games are not my favorite, either...

  3. My husband likes to play building games similar to simcity online. I just shake my head as he makes millions of "dollars" as a developer:).

  4. Chelsea, Nathan likes the Wii too (as do I!). It's mostly used for the kids at church, but I really like the bowling game.

    Laura--Nathan plays those SIM games too! How funny!


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