Friday, November 13, 2009

Locked and Loaded

This weekend, we’re having our 2nd “Lock-In” with the kids at our church, ages 8 and up.  In case you’ve never heard of a lock-in, it goes something like this: 

About 20 kids from ages 8-12 show up at the church at 7 PM on Friday.  We play messy games all night, including foosball, competitive Wii, hide and seek in the dark, and more.  We fill them up with snacks, sugar, caffeine and hot dogs to ensure that no one falls asleep.  We have a short devotion (before the sugar and caffeine, of course) and praise time.  Around 6 AM we cook pancakes and fill the kids up some more, continue playing games and then around 8 AM on Saturday we take them home to their parents.  This may sound like torture for their parents, but trust me—they love it!  Before we even get the kids home, they end up falling asleep on the bus and sleep until later that evening.  It’s a perfect weekend off for parents and a great time of fun for the kids.  And the youth directors . . . well, they’ll recover eventually.  
Here are some photos from last year’s lock-in . . .  

This year, Nathan’s decided to video tape some of the fun and show to our church congregation.  If we can figure out how to post the video on YouTube, I’ll be sure to share! 

Oh, and PS—there’ll be no Sweet Saturday tomorrow except for the Sweet Dreams I’ll be having when we get home around 9 AM.  :-)

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  1. Have fun Rachel! The lock-in will, I am sure, be a blast! Love you and hopefully you can sneak in a little power nap this afternoon :)


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