Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Recap: Family Reunion Sunday & Fall Photos

This weekend was Family Reunion Sunday at our church, and it was such a great success! There were about 53 that showed up, and we had PLENTY of food.

Nathan and I teach Children's Church on Sundays, and we've been teaching them about family during the month of October too. Our first Sunday was on the Prodigal Son (the Forgiving Family), the second Sunday we taught about Abraham and Isaac (the Faithful Family), and this Sunday we taught about God's Family. Nathan was "Grandpa Atwood" for our puppet skit this morning on the topic of Caring, and the kids loved it! We've decided since it was such a big hit, that we'll be doing puppet skits more often!

Here was my finished Macaroni and Corn Casserole Dish:

And here's a picture of my finished Aunt Gracie's Easy Yeast Rolls:

Since we had such a big day at church, our pastor gave us the night off to rest and relax. The fall color here is really in its peak, so I decided to venture out and take some shots.

This little guy was in the Fairport Scare Crow Contest--isn't he cute??

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  1. what a fun weekend! Love the fall colors!! I wish it would stop raining here so we could get out and enjoy them too!


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