Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Week of October 25 & Lots of Photos!

In the past three Thrifty Thursday's, I've shared the thrifty "basics" Nathan and I use to save money: Yard Sale-ing, Coupon-ing and StockPiling. I should mention we also love Goodwill-ing. :)

Since the basics are covered, I wanted to start sharing with you the deals we're finding each week. Hopefully this will help you in your shopping, and by all means--feel free to share what deals you're finding along the way!

Before I begin this weeks deals, I wanted to show you our brand-new stockpiling shelf! I mentioned in the last post how Nathan and I started stockpiling when we got married and how our organization system wasn't the best. Well, we found these great little shelves at Lowe's for $20 and they're perfect for our stockpiling.

Health & Beauty Stockpile

Cleaning Supplies Stockpile

And I have to share this! Last week for my birthday I was given a coupon "wallet" from one of my friends. This is the best coupon organizer ever.

It comes in this cute little pattern . . .

a calculator and scissors . . .

Did I mention it's categorized?!? And that it straps to your grocery cart??

Seriously, this thing is mad! I felt so cool shopping on Saturday with my new wallet. :)

OK, now that I've shared my newest joys, I'll share with you the deals!

I wrote in a few posts back that I found my missing Goodwill gift card! I was so excited, and it was burning a hole right through my pocket so I just had to go and spend it. I decided to go on Sunday night, and boy did I pick the right day!

Yellow was the 50% off ticket for the day, and I scored some great deals. I've been looking everywhere for a nice light kahki-colored trench for the fall, and I managed to snag this one for $4!! I also picked up some jeans, three tops, two skirts and a few items for Nathan. I only spent $10 of my own money, which put my total purchase at $35. Not bad for 1 jacket, 2 skirts, jeans, three tops, and two fabulous things for the hubby.

My friend Vicky asked that I share my Goodwill "finds" on the blog, so here's to her . . .

I won't be putting hubby's items in--he reads the blog, and he's
gonna' have to wait until Christmas. :)

Not only did I snag some great deals there, but I also got some great deals during my grocery shopping this week . . .

This week, our grocery bill was about $100.03 before coupons. After coupons, I got it down to$80.03. I consider this a huge acheivement, considering my math man wasn't with me on this trip. If Nathan goes, we can usually save more than if I go by myself (hmm . . . I wonder why that is?), but I did pretty good alone.

Some of the things I bought this week at a great deal were the following:
  • Another Sense and Spray (this time I'll be more careful where I put it!)--they're on sale at Wal-Mart for $5, and I had a $4 off coupon; making it $1! (great deal for these)
  • I also got a new Febreeze Noticeables--these were also on sale for $5 and I had the $4/off coupon.
  • Pillsbury Biscuits--I had a $1 off any three, so I used my coupon towards the smallest cans of biscuits. Since it's just me and Nathan, this is the perfect little size for us! They were .83/each, so I snagged all three after my coupon for $1.49
  • I also had a couple of makeup coupons that were set to expire soon, and I definitely wanted to use them up. They were $1/off any Cover Girl product, and $1/off any Maybeline product. Instead of buying an $8 tube of mascarra (which I already have), I opted to buy a $2 nail polish and a $2 eye shadow. Making my makeup about $1 each.
  • Suave Body Wash--I had $1/off any two coupon, and the Suave body wash at Wal-Mart was on sale for $1/each. I got both for $1!
  • Starkist Tuna Pouches--I had $1/off any two, and the cheapest pouches are about $.83 or so. With my coupon, I managed to get both for $.66!
  • I had a save $.40/off any 6 coupon for Yoplait, and a Buy Six, get one free coupon. I used both and got 6 yogurts for $2.06. (not much of a savings, but every little bit counts in my book!)

What deals are you finding this week???

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