Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Stock Piling

This is probably going to be my most favorite Thrifty Thursday post. Stock piling is something that I get so excited about. It hasn't always been that way; I used to view stock piling in a less than positive light, but Nathan has opened up my eyes to the beauties and benefits of this great money saving device.

Before our stock piling days, if I ran out of a staple product (shampoo, razors, soap, sugar, noodles, etc.) I would just run to the store and get whatever I needed. Why have more on hand than you really need? (That was my philosophy, at least). However, Nathan read an interesting article in our local Penny Saver a while back that really pumped him up for stock piling and he quickly got me on board.

In case you've never heard of this term, stock piling refers to buying multiples of products that you use often and that won't go bad. The trick to stock piling, however; is to make sure the multiples that you're buying are a really good deal. For example, Walgreen's has consistently had great deals on their toilet paper, and combined with manufactures coupons, Nathan and I can get a really great buy on their 12 pack of toilet paper. At this price, Nathan snags about 4 or 5, and we stock them away in our basement until we need more TP. (I won't be buying TP at least until the spring!). For someone who hates running out to the store often for 1 or 2 items that I'm out of, this stock piling idea is a great one and it saves $$ in the long run. It always gives me a nice little feeling knowing when I'm out of something, I can just run down to the basement "store" and pick it up, and I definitely feel good knowing I got it at a good deal!

Here's some pictures of our stock piling in hopes of motivating you to start (if you haven't already). Mind you, our stock piling efforts just started when we got married, so our "system" of storing is a little unorganized. In the future when we get more of a stock pile, I'd like to get some shelving in our basement so we can organize a little better.

Items to be stocked away . . .
(except the cheddar popcorn--that's for me!)

Our "health and beauty" stockpile--this has everything from toothbrushes, shampoo, razors and deodorant

Some of our food stock pile

Our TP stock pile

And this one is misc.--it has office supplies, sandwich bags, batteries and more

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