Monday, October 5, 2009

Marital Monday: The Embarrassing Things We Say

There were too many great marital moments this past week to share just one, so I thought to spice it up a bit, I’d share a hodgepodge of funny quotes/happenings from the Atwood home.


As Nathan and I are sitting at the breakfast table last week, I was eating a bowl of Cheerios and one got stuck to my lip unknowingly. Mind you, our heads are pretty foggy because it’s still dark out, and Nathan says groggily:

“Aw Sweetie, I wish I had a coupon right now. You have a Cheerio stuck to your lip.”

You know we’re either pretty tired or pretty frugal when we substitute the word “coupon” for “camera”. :)


I’m a sucker. For anything. Last week, a co-worker sold me $12 worth of candy to benefit his kid’s school. I came home and told Nathan and this was his response:

“$12?!? I bought one bag of caramels today for $1! Honey, you’re a soldier in the Financial Army, you should know better than that!”

“Financial Army?” Need I say more? :)


We just used a ridiculously fabulous coupon for a Glade Sense & Spray—you know, the kind that sprays when you walk past. It has some sort of motion sensor inside. I was so excited to use it because it’s Apple Cinnamon scented. However, I should’ve put more thought into the location of this thing because placing it on our shelf as you first walk in the door isn’t such a bright idea. Here’s our conversation after I was startled (more than once) by our new fangled gadget:

Me: “So, I came up with a new name for the Glade Sense and Spray”

Nathan: “Oh yeah? What is it?”

Me: “Sense and Scared Senseless!! That crazy thing scares me every time I walk in the door!”

Nathan: “Well, why don’t you just move it?”

Men are always so good with solutions. Why didn’t I think of that?


And, last but not least, the most embarrassing and hilarious of all moments this past week is when Yours Truly decided it might be a good idea to give herself a “little” bang trim.

After cutting a bit more off than I would normally like, I started to panic but held back the tears and decided to straighten my bangs so that they didn’t look too bad, in my opinion. I knew for sure Nathan wouldn’t notice. After all, when do men notice a hair trim?

He walks in the door after work and here was his first remark:

“Did you cut your own hair?”

Um yes, I’m afraid I did.


  1. Thanks for starting my Monday off with a few chuckles! Glad y'all had a great weekend!

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  3. I thought you weren't going to post about the "bang" trim?!!! :) haha, Glad you did! Love it!

  4. Glad you can get a good kick out of my expense, Christy! :)

    Vicky--I wasn't going to, but then I thought...what the heck? Real life is always the perfect thing to write about :)


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