Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Blah to Cozy

I can't remember if I mentioned that Nathan and I painted our bedroom a few weeks ago. (Is memory supposed to fail you this young??) At any rate, we did paint our bedroom. It's been a long time coming! We took a break from our painting in the summer, but on Labor Day I was off and had the urge to knock it out. Only 1 room left, and our house painting will be done!

I held off posting pictures because I wanted to put the finishing touches on our room--finding and hanging the curtain rods. I managed to snag curtains for our room for $8 total . . . $4 a valance! I don't know if you've experienced them yet, but The Christmas Tree Shop is a greatlittle place to find all sorts of good deals. Don't let the name fool you, they have everything! I could walk around in there for hours, so Nathan's content when I go there alone. :)

I was so pleased with the outcome. We used Valspar's "Olive White," and Nathan found the framed art above our bed at a yard sale--$5. We also did a little wall of photos from our wedding (Nathan refers to it as our wedding "shrine" because of the candles, but I think it's pretty). The candles came from Dollar Store--$1/each, and the shelf came from my mother's yard sale--free--can't beat that price! Total, we spent about $20 to decorate our entire bedroom (minus the paint).

Bedroom Before

After--curtains were hung by Nathan

Wedding "Shrine" Before

Wedding "Shrine" After


  1. cute! I love the colors and the cozy feel!

    did you find a new bedspread/duvet cover too?! That's the hardest part for us ... we have a down comforter, and the duvet covers aren't speaking to us right now ;)

  2. My parents just bought that comorter at Penney's, I just love it! We are slacking on the painting; in fact we haven't painted at all. Our goal is the entry wall before Thanksgiving lol. Love the Wedding pics too!

  3. Sno--no, we got the bedspread for a wedding present. The "Before" picture is a duvet cover that I've had--it's our "summer" comforter :)


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