Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Photo Night

Tuesday night, Nathan and I were dying to get out and take some photos of our fall color. Can you believe we have snow warnings for today here?!?! I thought we were safe for at least another three months. I'll definitely have to take pictures if we get anything . . . I'm not thinking we will, but maybe that's just the optimist in me.

Anyway, we decided to take pictures of our short-lived fall, and found some great new spots in and around Rochester. Here's a peak!

Seneca Park

And again . . .

I just loved the way the sun was peaking through all the fall colors!

Then we went to Charlotte--for those who don't know, I LOVE lighthouses!
(yes, that says built in 1822! wow.)

Charlotte is a quaint little town that sits on Ontario Lake--one of the BIGGEST lakes I've ever seen. It's seriously looks like an ocean.

And then on our way home, we found this pretty little pond area

I just love Upstate New York!


  1. lovely photos! have you checked out Genesse Valley Park?

  2. Love the lighthouse picture! :) They are all very pretty!!! Wish I could be up there!

  3. I just moved from Charlotte; it's one of the coldest places in Rochester in winter because of the lake!


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