Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Recap, What's For Dinner?, And New Blog Addition Preview

Nathan and I were at a loss for what to do Saturday on his day off, and I read from StretchingABuck that Saturday was FREE National Museum Day! We love museums, and one of our favorites in Rochester, The George Eastman House, was participating in the FREE day. Another great museum that I've been to, The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery (MAG), was also participating. Nathan and I got the chance to visit 2 great museums for free, and it was a perfect fall day. Thank you StretchingABuck for posting this great deal!

For those who don't know, Nathan and I actually got engaged at the Eastman House, so it was so romantic to go back and reminisce. :)

Here are a few pictures from our date:

Entrance to the Eastman House

Silly Husby :)

These are the gardens--this is where we got engaged!

And this is the outside of the house--my camera died after this, so no pictures from the inside :(

After our date, we decided to venture to the grocery store as part of a new mission. I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but I'll be adding a new addition to the blog this week called Thrifty Thursday, so you'll have to check back then to read more!

We picked up a few items, and returned home and decided to grill out. Nathan made flat iron steaks, grill corn on the cob, grilled garlic shrimp and I made cheesy mashed potatoes. It was a DELICIOUS feast, and we calculated it up and only spent $12 on the whole meal. Not bad! That's proof that eating at home is definitely cheaper than going out--and more romantic ;-)

The night before our feast, Nathan had to work so I decided to venture to a new Thai restaurant that I've heard rave reviews for. I haven't been able to find great Thai food since Surin in Birmingham, so I've been on the hunt for quite some time! Let's just say, I've found my new Thai fix in Upstate New York. Pattaya had a great little dish called Panaenge Chicken that was so tasty, and cheap! I got so much food for $8, that I had two more meals out of it. It was a creamy chicken curry served with snap peas, carrots, peppers, broccoli, zucchini, basil and bay leaves. If you ever visit us and enjoy Thai, we'll take you! (Or at least I will--Nathan's not a big Thai lover).


  1. What a fun chance to go back to where you were engaged! I've heard of the Eastman house -- but haven't had a chance to see it during my trips to NY. My hubby has been there though :)

    Looking forward to Thrifty Thursday!


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