Friday, September 11, 2009

Photos and What's For Dinner? Camping Edition!

You may have noticed I haven't posted any What's For Dinner? recipes this week. That's because What's For Dinner? this week is going camping!! Nathan's been working nights since we got back from the Adirondacks, so I've been having my usual PB&J sandwiches. I did, however, want to post some pictures of what we ate while camping and some more scenic photos.

I know I've mentioned how wonderful Nathan is at photography, and I've discovered since being married that we both have very unique and different tastes. He bought me my very own Nikon digital camera last Christmas so that I could join in his photography love (I love it too, I'm just not that great), and we've really enjoyed taking photos together since. He loves landscape and the "big picture" photos (he's working on a panoramic of the Adirondacks right now), but I love macro photography. We find it's such a great balance, and it turns out for some very interesting photo sessions.

Here's a hodgepodge of what we came away with this weekend. (side note--if you ever get the chance to visit Upstate NY, the Adirondacks is a must)

We did see a little fall color . . .

Sunset on Bald Mountain

As for dinner . . .
The first night up, we stopped at a wonderful little BBQ place called Mondi's, and it was YUM!
(yes, they have BBQ in New York!)

The next night, we went all out and cooked chili cheese dawgs, roasted corn on the cob and roasted veggies! I just drizzled the veggies with a little Olive Oil and seasoned with S&P and Italian Seasoning, wrapped them in aluminum foil and threw 'em in the fire!

It wouldn't be camping without S'mores!
I found these great little camping skewers at Wal-Mart
(pack of 4 for $2--sure beats using hangers!)

And who could forget the Ice Cream??
We stopped at Byrne Dairy and picked up some soft serve (Nathan goofing off)

Extra photos just for fun :)

HUGE roots on a tree that had fallen over

What I called the "sitting" tree--doesn't it look like it's just sitting there?!?!
These were everywhere!

The only bear we saw . . .

And of course a newlywed pic on top of the mountain ;-)


  1. I love the pictures :) Looks like you guys had a great time! I love you and miss you guys!

  2. Lovely photos! Those zucchini/squash look tasty :)

    My hubby has said he'll take me there one day... I'm looking forward to it!


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