Monday, September 28, 2009

Marital Monday: Scavenger Hunt

Nathan and I had the opportunity to spend several months before our wedding to go through pre-marriage counseling with two of the most amazing people. One of the (many) things that I took away from it is that marriage has to remain fun. Going away on marriage retreats, getting out of town for the weekend, date nights, or simply taking time to laugh together is a must in a healthy marriage. I should note that planning fun things shouldn't just be one person's job--it's nice to switch it up and plan fun things for each other to enjoy. After all, marriage isn't just take, in fact, some of the most fun parts are in the giving.

Last week, I shared with you how extremely helpful and romantic Nathan can be at times. This week, I wanted to share how fun he can be.

Twice now, I've come home to find a nicely folded paper lying somewhere in our home with my name on it beckoning me to open it. Once inside, I find a riddle. Sidenote--for those who don't know, I am a huge surprise ruiner, so for Nathan (or anyone) to really surprise me is a rarity.

Last week's riddle said:

Somewhere in this house a special surprise for you is hidden . . .
The location of it is simple,
Imagine you're in the shower, you scrub and rinse your hair--
When you're done and you want to dry your hair,
You reach your arm . . . where?
Love, Nathan

I thought to myself--simple! I ran to the bathroom and opened up the cabinet where my hair dryer was--nope. I peaked inside the shower--nope. I opened up the linen closet and looked inside--nope. I was determined to find my prize, so I kept searching even in places that didn't make sense. One last time I opened the linen closet, peaked behind the towels and even searched on the bottom shelf behind our beach towels and . . . there it was! I opened the bag and inside was a water bottle (I've been wanting one to take to work with me and just off-handedly mentioned it to Nathan) and two Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins--my man knows I love Peanut Butter!

I was so excited and couldn't wait for Nathan to get home so that I could tell him Thank You for my special treats. I'm so glad God designed marriage to be fun!

What fun things have you and your spouse done that you really enjoy? I'd love to read your comments!
My surprise!

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