Monday, September 14, 2009

Marital Monday: OUCH!

Monday's are the day when I post something fun, thought-provoking (hardly never) or exciting that Nathan and I have experienced in our newlywed bliss.

Today's Marital Monday actually happened last Monday while camping.

Because it got dark really early, the first night we camped out we ended up going to sleep around 8 PM. I was in a deep sleep, as was Nathan, when all of the sudden I feel him yanking my hair and pulling it! I let out a big "OUCH!!!" and quickly punched his arm to wake him up. I asked him why he pulled my hair, and he just made a grunting noise and fell back to sleep.

That next morning I said, "Nathan, why did you pull my hair so hard last night? That really hurt!" Of course, he had no idea what I was talking about so I proceeded to explain the whole thing. "Oooohhh," he said. "I had a dream that some guy was trying to steal your purse, so I chased after him and started beating him up and pulling his hair!"

. . . I wasn't aware when guys fought they pulled each other's hair, but maybe it only happens in dreams ;o) My honey, the rescuer!!


  1. haha--it's fine now, but I got to bed every night with a fear of hair-pulling again! :o)


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