Monday, September 21, 2009

Marital Monday: Nathan's Totally Awesome Date

Marital Monday is a little late today.  My apologies!  But, if it's any consolation, the Marital Monday for today actually transpired over the weekend, and I'm just now catching up from it!  
You've heard me mention that Nathan's work schedule varies from week to week, so we try to make the most of his off days.  Well, last week he had FOUR days off in a row! (I told him that's like a vacation, not just "days off").  We were super thrilled, and decided to plan some fun dates for the weekend.  Nathan came up with a great idea--I'd plan the Friday night date, and he'd plan the Saturday night date.  Little did I know that since he had so much time on his hands to plan, that his date would kick my date's butt!    
Nathan and I LOVE Chinese food, so I decided for my date on Friday that I'd take him to a new Chinese restaurant, Chen Garden, that I've heard great things about.  Next time, we're prepared to just order ONE dish for the two of us--the portions were HUGE, and we walked out with a bag full of what looked like take-out, but it was really just our leftovers.  I hadn't really planned anything for Friday after dinner, so I thought we'd stroll to the mall and use my coupon for Sears that Nathan's mom told us about.  (I know, I'm a fun date-planner, aren't I?)  Sadly enough, we got to Sears and found so many cute things, but the guy wouldn't let us use the coupon because so many people had been "abusing" them (his words, not mine).  I thought that's what coupons were for?!?!  Anyway, we ended up getting a few items and then just headed home to relax.    
Saturday, I woke up to the King of all Dates provided by Nathan.  It put my pathetic date to complete shame!  We slept in, which made his date lots better than mine already!  Last week was crazy busy for me, so I didn't really have much time to maintain the cleanliness of the house like I normally like to do.  Nathan knew this, and was sweet enough to help me clean the entire house on Saturday when we woke up so that we could enjoy the rest of our day together.  (He knows if I leave the house dirty I can't have fun--haha!)   
Saturday was the perfect fall day, and Nathan decided that one part of our date would be to go for a nice long bike ride along the Erie Canal.  It was SO relaxing, and we ended up riding about 7 miles without even realizing it!  When we finished our bike ride, Nathan took me shopping at the new Goodwill by our house (we LOVE Goodwill's, and found some great deals!)  When we got home, Nathan offered to grill chicken for dinner (we got a grill a few weeks back at a yard sale, and hadn't used it until then).  What woman doesn't love two nights off from cooking? :) And then, to top it off, Nathan prepared me a bubble bath complete with candles and cleaned the kitchen while I was enjoying my treat! By the time I was done, my brain was like soggy mush and I felt SO relaxed!  
Don't you just love married life?!? :)  Life wouldn't be nearly as fun if I had to go through it without my bestest friend.     
Our Chinese Date--sorry for the poor quality, I took this on my cell phone
Riding along the Erie
Grilling on our new grill!


  1. what a great weekend of lovely dates :) I love bike riding -- and I'm sure it was beautiful along the Erie Canal!

    ps - I'm totally with you about wanting a clean house first before we can play ;)

  2. You're sure to get more lovely dates with all that praise- public praise is powerful! Love you both!!!

  3. Sounds like you definitely have a keeper on your hands, Rach!!!! What a sweetie :)


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