Monday, September 7, 2009

Marital Monday: The Fun Things We Do

In my opinion, one of the most fun things about being married is living together. Learning each others habits (some good, some bad), sharing in each others successes and failures, laughing and growing closer together each day. It's unlike any other human relationship, and I'm discovering it's definitely my favorite relationship. Don't get me wrong, I love the company I share with my friends and family, but nothing beats curling up in my pj's and watching Netflix DVD's or playing board games with my husby. :)

For those who don't know, Nathan and I choose not to have cable television. We're both avid readers and are rarely home, but when we do plop ourselves down in front of the TV, we both enjoy watching the same things. (That's another one of my favorite things about being married to Nathan--we usually agree on everything . . . I feel sorry for our future children). One of the shows we've been hooked on lately is 24 (is there anything Jack Bauer can't do?!?). A viewing of 24 at the Atwood home can get pretty intense, however.

We started watching 24 in its 7th season (for those who don't know, that's the most recent one) and we were glued to the set for days on end until the season was over. We rooted for the same characters, yelled at the television for Jack to "run faster" or "shoot him!" so much that I was starting to wonder if our neighbors would get concerned. Since we enjoyed it thoroughly, we decided to order season 6 disc and get a little more background on a few of our favorite characters. Needless to say, season 6 wasn't as pleasant and Nathan and I had our disagreements on which characters were morally sound and which weren't. Nothing like night-time television to test your marriage, right? :) I'm kidding; we still had loads of fun watching it and now if we could just be patient until season 8 comes out!

Another fun thing we enjoy is board games! Nathan is all-time champ of Trivial Pursuit and Boggle in our home, but there are games like Sequence, Family Feud and Guess Who (yes, the child's version) that I usually win at.

Last week, we decided to play Trivial Pursuit, and for those of you who know how ditzy I can be this will come as no surprise after you read it. I drew the question and asked Nathan, "What do the letters F.B.I. stand for?" I immediately flipped the card over to see what the answer was and to wait for him to get it right (as always). I read to myself, "Fidelity, Bravery and Intelligence" and quickly a puzzled look crossed my face. Nathan said the right answer, and before he could revel in his victory, I asked him in a shocked voice, "Why would they name the FBI that?!?! Fidelity is like a really bad thing!" Nathan paused before he corrected me . . . "No, sweetie, that's infidelity."

***What are some shows that you and your spouse enjoy watching together? Or, what fun things do you like to do together? I'd love to read your comments, or feel free to write about it on your blog!

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  1. that's awesome :)

    The hubby and I love to play games too. We love Carcassonne, card games, Blockus, Sequence, Ingenious and so many more.

    You two don't by chance watch LOST, do you?!?! If you are hooked on 24, LOST might be right up your alley :)


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